Pasta Brava. Best Homemade Pasta in Singapore!

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Accidentally discovered this fantabulous Italian food in Singapore two weeks ago!! After I tweeted about this, I found out that it was famous and that I was just WOLS. -_-

It's tucked in a little corner... along Neil/Craig Road and I was starving. Saw that there was a decent crowd inside (a weekday) and decided to give it a shot!
Don't know why but it looks very oriental chinese. Maybe the previous restaurant was a chinese restaurant and they didn't spend too much on the renovations? No matter, still cosy anyway :)

The service is superb, staff very polite and prompt! Thumbs up!
Cream of Mushroom soup
Look at how thin it is! It's very smooth in your mouth.
Which is the first one in this picture. Lol I took a photo because I couldn't remember what it was called and what was in it. #honesty
The second one on this picture of the menu!

I only had a bite but the layers of thin pasta are home made too. I suspected that it's the same pasta as the Stracci that I had. Still good nonetheless!

Pasta Brava

A: 11 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 089671
T: 6227 7550

Really really yummy!! I will definitely head back soon, when I get my next Italian craving. Haha. You should make a reservation first before heading down, as the place is quite small. Plus I didn't even have the chance to try dessert! Was so full.

But don't book all the slots until I can't get to eat there already ah! Hahah jk.
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