Nuffnang's 5th Birthday at Equinox!

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Remember I blogged about Nuffnang and what I hoped for them to be in future? The event was held at Swisshotel, in a private dining room! Image heavy, lots of pretty girls (and cute guys) for you to look at! I will let the pictures do the talking :)

Val looks like she's going to smack my chest after this. No she didn't do it.

 With Shine, my date for the evening ;)

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash 2012 -025

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash 2012 -020

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-367 
My awesome table mates! With 3 missing.

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-283
What's a birthday party without a cake?

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-286
The lovely Linn who charmed us with her singing :) She sing's damn well!!! Love the tone of her voice. Perfect for her choice of songs!!! Wish I had more time so that I can hear her sing every week! :)

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-307 
The full table! With everyone except Noah. 

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-314 
Bea and Ming!

Noah proposed to Peishi as Linn was singing 'I think I wanna marry you" hahaha it was so funny! Peishi was so embarrassed. Noah knelt down and all too!!

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-315 
I really love this dress, got it from one of the shops at Far East Plaza for.. more than a hundred bucks. Let's just keep it that way. Scouted for the gold heels just a day before this event!! :) They are really comfy! Thanks Mint and Peishi for the recommendations! 

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-332
With the gorgeuos Jayne and her bf, half the mutton, Vernon!

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-163

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-173

#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-197
Acting as a Thai student! Hahaha.

Yutakis! Whose bow tie was a great accessory IMHO!

Yina in a super stylish dress. Love it!
Qiuting :) Ever super friendly and nice!
Brad, also known as ladyironchef, in a dapper blazer+pants!
The lady who went back to work on Sunday just to prepare for this event!! Jayne! Very hardworking and cheerful!! :)

 Boss Ming! Credits to Nuffnang are credits to him! Truly respectable! I want to be a successful entrepreneur like him too :) What an inspiration! #likeafangirl

A photo with the princess of blogging herself! Honored :)

Pegs!! She's super pretty!! And friendly too!

Another photo because we look good here. Apart from the camera. Haha.

Ever elegant and classy Val!
Pretty Bea!! :)

So many pretty girls there right!! I know.

Clara!! I think her complexion is super good and I like her hair. I think I will dye and curl it the same way in future :X She's so nice la!!

Cute boys for you girls reading here!

Noah! Finally a picture here. Haha.

Peggy! We took quite a few cam whoring shots together :X I like!

With talented Linn and shiny Shine!
My loves all in one pic! :D
#Nuffnangis5 Birthday Bash (Official Photos)-162

Tired of smiling!
Thanks for reading! Or more like, scrolling through the pictures because they're awesome??

**Photo credits to Nuffnang and my camera! Check out their albums here and here
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