Zoukout 2011: The HTC Experience!

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I've heard SO MUCH about Zoukout, but had never experienced it before. I knew it was partying on a beach, so I just expected a huge stage and like thousands of people crowding around it, music blasting, bodies entwining, sweaty skin etc.

This year, thanks to HTC, I've been able to check it out firsthand! With a trusty HTC Sensation XE. The below photos are ALL TAKEN using it (and their awesome camera apps) and I am convinced that it's wayyy better than my current phone (crappy Motorola)

So when you walk in the entrance, get some lanyards and your zoukout tag, this is what you see! Feels pretty tribal already. The tent in the middle is the Singtel one, which has some free drinks or something, was quite crowded, couldn't be bothered to go in.

Obviously I walked on and the next booth was HTC!
 See the long queue over at the right? I joined it. Haha.

Someone getting her temporary tattoo

 Getting airbrushed!! I like the cold feeling heehee.
 Quite artistic photos so I shall include them :)

 The final product!! SUPER NICE!!! I really love it, might consider getting this into a tattoo in future, but instead of HTC I'll put my name :P
 Was treated to a HTC shot! Melon and Irish Cream Liqueur! It was pretty tough drinking it half half (it's separated) so I ended up drinking all the melon first then the irish cream. The first being more potent. Oh well it was yummy!!
 HTC has all these little cubes outside for tired clubbers.
 You can also take pictures at the HTC booth!! They had really cute items you could use like sunglasses, speech bubbles for you to jazz up your picture!
 Should've used flash! Darn.
 Very paparazzi shot haha.
 With two shuai ge's = one happy me!
 Decided to queue up to get myself GLITTERized :D

 While waiting. Anyway see the bling at our necks? It was given to us by HTC and everyone who walked past the booth got one! And mine is now hanging on my Christmas Tree as decoration. Makes it look like my tree was sponsored by HTC huh? I wish. Haha.
 More designs!

adding GLITTER

It was a little ticklish.
Finished product! I got the cupid one haha.

 A happier smiling photo!
 Zoukout's program line up! I was wrong about Zoukout having ONE stage. They have multiple!! And each playing different sets and music! So if you get bored of one, you can walk over to the next :)

 My turn to relax and dance a little :P

 Check out HTC's beats hanging out and the 8m tall phone!! So creative!

 A closer photo of the Singtel booth!
 Bouncing and throwing a HTC ball around. These hurt when it hits your face btw. Because some guy kicked it into my face. Not intentionally but he was probably drunk.

 People trying out the beats!

 Girls in bikini! I was wearing one inside but was too shy to take it off hahah.

 I am an escaped prisoner!

 Me testing out the sound quality and the phones :)

 Another picture of the 8m phone!
 At one of the booths haha.

Thank you HTC!! :)

 This picture took so long to take because so many people wanted to pose with it!

With pretty Valerie :) Til next year! <3!
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