First week of work, OVER!

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Woah I couldn't remember when I last woke up at 645am, before the sky lit up. But I survived it! This is gonna be a quick entry to just sum up my week!

 Will also include pictures of pretty girls so I can bribe you to continue reading. Haha!

Meeting my colleagues has been great! They're all young and bubbly and interesting! Glad we all get along well. I do not like lugging the laptops around though. For they are so heavy! Even in my uni days I printed all my notes out to avoid this additional weight (that might stunt my growth).

Being careful and meticulous now becomes an essential trait. No room for error! Only space for professional judgment and thinking, to which I must master.

Received my staff pass today! It's official, I have become a part of the team!

Made new BFF and other new friends yay!! :)

 I also FINALLY managed to get a copy of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It reminded me so much of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! But far more depressing. I cried and laughed along with the persona, but didn't understand the french and skipped some of the biblical proses hahaha.

Will be blogging this week about Zoukout and about The Muppets! I caught it and it was really good! If you haven't caught it in theatres yet, you should! Haha.

Also watched New Year's Eve yesterday. I recommend watching it AFTER Christmas because now I don't feel like I have any Christmas spirit at all. I shall try to watch Arthur Christmas or something haha! I also didn't like the pairing of couples, was quite grossed out at some. Reminded me of Love Actually, though I find the latter WAYY better. If you get emotional in theatres, make sure you sit with someone who will wipe your tears for you ok!

Finally, I've been playing with the HTC Sensation XE the past week and it's SO MUCH BETTER than my phone please?? Can't wait to tell you all about it!

And the photos in this blog post were taken at Nuffnang's Rooftop Party! (Which wasn't rooftop in the end due to the drizzle) and I was late because I had something on before that + I also walked the wrong way at the train station (some dust from a construction site blinded me too) and these pretty girls are, Gen, Cheryl and Cher! :) GCube! If you get it.

Good night everyone I miss you all. Please take part in the giveaway below if you haven't already! :)

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