Michelle Chong's Meet & Greet at Watsons!

2:52 PM claire 0 Comments

So two days ago I was at Starbucks 313 with Michelle and I read Michelle Chong's tweet about her making an appearance at Watsons at Taka.

Since it was so near and I had nothing to do at 313 anyway, I decided to walk over!

Through this meeting, I found out that I am totally surprised by fans (THEY REALLY KNOW EVERYTHING, and I know NOTHING so basically I didn't win any gala tickets. Darn)
Michelle is nice and friendly! And both her english and mandarin are PRO. I need to be more like her. Hi Y and Z please practice more mandarin with me thanks.
They were asking really difficult questions (how am I to know when the fan autograph session is?? Or who cameo'd as himself or herself?? Sigh.

I was honestly just waiting for the moment when they'd ask "CAN ANYONE DO AN ACCENT FOR US? WILL GIVE YOU A PRIZE." And then it'll be my turn to shine.

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