Marina Bay Sands Skypark!

10:30 AM claire 0 Comments

Last week, I went to the Marina Bay Sands Skypark with my relatives and my cousin who flew over from Germany! Was my first time there and it was fun spotting different buildings and cars looked like toy cards instead.

Cousin claims that you can see the whole of Singapore from the top! He then proceeded to point out his house at Serangoon Gardens.

This is the view from the ground of course haha.

I wanted to take more photos but.. MY CAMERA RAN OUT OF BATTERY! I saw the Avatar looking area that the goverment was in the midst of building. Really looks like Avatar.

Last shot before my battery died. It's $20 bucks to head up, BUT if you say you're heading to Ku de Ta, you can go up for free! But of course you have to get drinks there and I think it's $25++ or something. Why not hmm?
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