Heading off again!

10:52 PM claire 1 Comments

Am head to JAPAN this time, to the Tohoku region, where Sendai, Tokyo, Akita is at. Expect lots of pictures and I am hoping to dip in the onsen!

Really excited about it and hope that my entries will inspire more people to head to Japan! If that's not enough I hope the sashimi and oyako don (can't WAIT) will tempt you. Haha.

Thanks to the Japanese Tourism Board, I am an Ambassador for Tohoku region, so if you see media reports about it, it's about us!

 Picture credits to Faith.

Will be back on the 8th of August. But that doesn't mean I won't be blogging! I have scheduled some posts and if I get wifi there, will blog too!

Can practice my basic japanese there too. Heehee. Kore wa, ikura desu ka? :)
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