After our gondola ride...

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Headed to St Marco's square where there are so many pigeons (and they freak me out).

The main church!
Thought this was quite cool, was at the top of a building.
This is the Bridge of Sigh. HOW DISAPPOINTING! Because of the restoration works we couldn't go up. Sigh.

What is the story behind this? One side links to the execution chambers, the other is the entrance. There is only one way into the execution chambers, and no way out. So the guards let the prisoner look out of that small window one last time and the prisoners would sigh. (Their last look at the world) Before they were executed. So that's the story!

Saw many street artists and they paint so well!

Thought these were gorgeous. On my next visit I'd be sure to buy a few to frame at home!

Guys, does this white tower look slanted? Like it's leaning? I saw this and had to take a picture of it lest it becomes the second leaning tower.

Have no idea what this is!

Snuck a pic inside a church and this photo above was dinner! Was so hungry so I just gulped it down. Hahaha.

That's all for Venice! Next post on Murano, an island NEAR Venice :)
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