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Venezia ! Also the same name of my favourite brand of ice cream. Heehee. Venice.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights here, 3 days exploring venice and 1 day to murano!

This picture cheered me up a little. Funny right?

One of the first churches you will see when you come out from the train station at venice.

You'd think Venice is perfect because of the way it's been portrayed to you since young, but the water is actually kinda stinky and is not very clean.

Most of the locals don't stay here anymore because Venice is not very popular. They travel to Venice Maestre and the surrounding areas for business instead.

 There are canals everywhere!! And be prepared to walk. ALOT. So don't wear your heels you will die. And you will definitely get lost because you can't find road names on the buildings and well, it's a very confusing place.

I went in the summer so it's hot and sunny in the day but a little windy at night so a light cardigan will do!

The gondola's of today are really decorated very nicely! :)

I took this picture, not only to capture the crazy graffiti, but also to show the relaxed pace of life here! So many people were walking their dogs and just taking it easy :)

There's actually the name of the street on this building! Which was rare. Haha.

If you walk to the TIP of Venice, on the bottom of the map, the very tip before it starts to curve back into the main town, you will see this.

I hate frogs but he has a nice ass.

The view from the tip!

Gondola's are actually very long!
This statue cracked me up. What on earth is it doing here?!

I really like this shot :)

Stumbled upon this building in Venice (while we were lost) and it's design is so unique! Have never seen a building like it.

This boy is super adorable, he was walking around with a net looking into the longkang (canal) haha and swiftly scooped and a crab was in his net!

This is actually 8pm ish?

Ate here for dinner.  A place nearer to the station.

After Cinque Terre I felt like I wanted to try all the seafood pasta's in the world. Haha. But this is not as fresh as the Cinque Terre one I had. BUT IT WAS STILL GOOD :D My 2 other companions ordered the set meal which wasn't as nice as mine so I was very happy that I made the right choice!
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