Estee Lauder Event: Skintone Illumintor.

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Do you want IDEAL skin?

Now, with Estee Lauder, you CAN! 

Interested already? Continue reading to find out more! 

Last saturday, I was invited to attend an Estee Lauder event. Not entirely knowing what the afternoon was going to be like, I decided to go.

Waited at the lobby with Qiuting and Peishi.

 I liked the carpet a lot!

When we went in, this beautifully decorated room welcomed us!

 They prepared some finger food for us, really thoughtful and yummy!

 This was soo cute! Look what it spells and look at the shape of the cupcakes!

 Explaining the products to us :)

 Everyone had a bag that contained this! Remember I said that I would introduce you to a clinically proven product that can give you ideal skin?

It's the NEW Idealist Even Skintone Illumintor! It has Triple-optic technology, which excited Qiuting because it says it gives you the photoshop equivalent of 'blurring' effect to make your skin looks flawless!

It also helps to neutralize the look of blotchiness for more even skintone and brightens your face!

Here's how it looks like.
 Smells really nice too! It has highly effective anti-spot ingredients with Vitamin C and Botanical Extracts that reduce the appearance of dark spots!

Also, powerful anti-oxidants including Rice Bran Extract and Vitamin E to prevent imperfections and discolorations from re-appearing.

In just 2 weeks, most women showed a significant improvement to their skintone! Brighter, translucent, supple and even-toned skin!

Use it AM and PM everyday! GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE for Asian skin! It also works for sensitive skin!

 This is the lipstick colour they gave us. It's a cute shade of pink!

 My polaroid!

 Think gen looks very cute and pretty here! :D

 Everyone furiously decorating!

 Our group polaroids !
 Think peishi looks cute here!
All of us :)

They also gave us a Gold Eyeshadow. Pure colour 51 Broadway Gold (Metallic), Going to use it tomorrow for my convocation so will post up pictures of that later!

Trying out a new collage application and it's AWESOME :D Here are pictures of really pretty girls. Are you ready?! Cher, Genevieve, Peishi, Velda, Beatrice and Qiuting! (From left to right, top to bottom.) Click the picture for the actual size if you want. They're all really nice people and I'm so fortunate to know them :)

This New even skintone Illuminator will be available at ALL Estee Lauder counters in August 2011!

Thanks Estee Lauder! :)
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