Leaning Tower of Pisa!

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Pisa is actually a very small town and you can cover the major sights in less than 2 hours, we spent about 3 hours there because we were camwhoring with the Leaning Tower. The camwhoring shots are on Ant's cam because he has a cam with a swivel screen. Perfect for cam whoring.

The map of pisa!

This is the train station when you come out of Pisa!

This wall is famous! I don't know why. But it reminds me of something I watched when I was a kid.. but can't remember.. it just seems familiar.

Took some pictures of the architecture. The buildings are really unique to a city, and are very different from those in Rome.

Some amazing graffiti

A super cheap shop! I went in but.. couldn't find anything I liked.

Finally we've reached! The main attractions! We didn't enter because it's not free and the queue was mega long.

This is also not free and the queue is also very long so no. I guess if you want to go in then you'd take longer than 3 hours at Pisa haha!

Looks so grand! Oh what's that on the right? :P

The Leaning Tower!!

 Just some of the stupid poses you can do with the Leaning Tower!

The sky was sooo blue!
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