I was on the radio!

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My dear sis Angie suggested that I blog this event down so I will! Still a little high from adrenaline (and gong cha)

So Divian on 987FM asked for a caller to call in and play a storytelling game and I was soo lucky to get my call through!

Basically the DJ would give a word and I would have to form a sentence with it and end with the words 'fullstop', then he would give me another word and it would have to link together, like a story!

First word: Toaster.

Once upon a time there was a magical toaster.

Word: Pocahontas

One day, Pocahontas found this toaster.

Word: Social Media (I was a little stunned by this)

Inside the toaster Pocahontas found a phone that had some social media programs on it.

Word: Ez-link card

She looked into the toaster and also found an ez link card inside.

Word: Ah Lian

Suddenly and Ah Lian shouted "EH THAT IS MY EZ LINK CARD!"

Word: Lumpy

After she shouted that, she fell to the floor because she felt something lumpy in her stomach.

Word: Reptilian

She vomited and a reptilian creature came out.

BEEP! then my time was up hahaha. The next word was Fortunate

For the record, I would've ended with,

The reptilian creature smirked and said "I am so fortunate to be free again!"

Haha the DJ asked me how I came up with that and I said I don't know. RANDOM?? And he said as of now I am the top of the scoreboard so I can't wait! It was just fun playing it so it's okay if I don't win :)

What a wonderful day! I bought a 168 dollar dress for my birthday this year when I was supposed to shop for my prom dress and it's SO PRETTY. It's currently being altered so ya.

And my postcard was delivered!

But I didn't get extra invitations for convocation. But it's okay I guess because my brother isn't in Singapore anyways.


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