Singapore Entertainment Awards!

11:25 AM claire 2 Comments

Waiting for Crystal to finally arrive.

Thats a picture of my cousin's friend, my cousin and I! Too bad Shuo Luo couldn't make it. I was so sad, but Xiao Gui came and his hair was really really nice, so that made up for it... somewhat.

Xiao Gui

Some parts in the middle, I seriously had no understanding or no clue who that person was, and this was my 'tour' guide.


And many people were happy to see JJ Lin perform. Now whenever I think of him, I remember how Daven said that he tried to hit on Lingyi. Hmm.


Shinee was ok, Jonghyun was super upset and super black face so it was kinda ruined. But key looked super hot and his cute little wave to the audience made everyone scream! Onew was easily the most charming that night, I can see why my little cousin is crazy over him.


It ended at midnight though! And many people left after Shinee had performed. Cabbed back with Irene, Leah (cousin) and her friend to AMK area before my brother came and picked me up. Yay.

Didn't go for the IMM showcase because I couldn't wake up, and there are so many fancams of them anyway, I felt like I went. Haha!

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