How do you deal with problems?

10:28 PM claire 1 Comments

In 205, you learn that there are 4 ways to deal with problems.

1) Acceptance
Just accept that there are differences, and love each other for who they are. Treat the differences as the beauties of the person.

2) Reduction
Talking about the problem and finding ways to reduce it. This is obviously the best but is the toughest to implement because it takes time to change things and not everyone will accept the changes positively.

3) Avoidance
Don't do anything about it. This is the easiest way out, but effectively it just accumulates the problem and sweeps everything under the carpet. One day the carpet will burst.

4) Sharing
I don't really think this applies to most problems, because in the text they want you to share between persons like buy insurance and shit. Haha. Don't know how this can apply to normal problems.

Which type will you adopt to solve problems?
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