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What have you been up to?

Just got back from Casio Sheen's photoshoot! Met Shine, Ai and Christine and made new friends! Will blog about it once I get the photoshoot pictures. Plus I got a brand new Casio Sheen watch!! I love it to bits. It's growing on me. Another leather strap to add to my collection!! But it's a completely different design. It's a chronograph!! *squeals* Okay more on the watch next time.

I also got a packet of the new Milo Easy Cool!! The one where you add iced water and drink milo immediately!! Don't need to add hot water before adding ice. Amazing. Can't wait to try it out. I'm a complete milo freak. Milo is to me, like how coffee is to some of you. Hahah.

This week I also went for Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Launch! It was at a spa, freaking blew my mind. I think Elizabeth Arden really outdid themselves. :)

What a crazy week huh! But it's good, TGIF. And thank god for cabs!
Photo credits to Crystal. My camera died because I forgot to charge it -_-

Some photos from my friend's wedding. Yes I wore the same dress as the Nuffnang Birthday party, but this event was the first time I was wearing the dress! (Nuffnang was 2nd haha)

With everyone at our table! It was held at Orchard Hotel.
Super coincidental that us 3 girls wore dresses in the same shade -ish haha.
I like the whole purple hue!
Another shot of the ladies just for you! Hahah.
Congrats Joshua and Claire! (Yes the same name as me) I knew them before they got together and while they were together! University seems so long ago but great memories nonetheless!

Will you do this at your wedding?

Because I will!

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