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The Studio Cocktail Bar.

Recently there's been a few cocktail bars springing up and each have their own unique concepts that entice different crowds. The Studio is a laid back, sofa lounge hangout, great for chilling with friends or celebrating birthdays!

Something I found interesting about this bar is that you can request to mix your own drinks! For DIY Cocktails, it will cost $20 as compared to the usual $16. DIYcustomers will also be given a card that shows the concoctions of the cocktails for you to bring home!

 This place was set up by a young woman, Angelina who's only 23!! A pretty one too! Respect! :)
 Free phone on the table. JK.
 Some snacks to go along with our food!

 I like this light :)
 Really nice to chill and have a laid back night! I was early so.. not everyone had arrived haha.
 I have a thing for chandeliers.
 So cute! Love the decor and the effort to make it simple but cosy.

 So prettily decorated! As expected from a girl with good taste :) I'm guessing Angelina chose the design!
 This is Sam an awesome mixologist!
 Aloysious and Michelle!

 Their pillows are soft and custom made. How'd you like that!

 The previous drink that was mixed!

 Sam teaching us how to mix the drinks!
I volunteered to mix the next set which was a whisky sour! Here's a photo of my virgin attempt. I lost the paper that they gave me though. It tasted good!! #proud

Taken from The Studio's FB

Hahaha I should've been more stylish. I never knew that the shaker was SO COLD especially when you have to shake it. My fingers were positively frozen.

 With Smith our emcee for the night! :)

The menu!

Now.. to introduce you to the drinks!

 An Autumn Affair. Vodka, baileys, chocolate. Yum.
 Roommate. I really liked this one because it was sweet and easy to drink. Strawberry and cheese!
 The Apartment. I would've liked to try this!! Tiramisu and I go well together :) I will definitely head back to have a taste!
 The Gardener. Moonberry likes it but it's a bit too grassy ish for my liking due to the Basil. Still good though! Plus I'm not a fan on Gin too! That's just me though.
 The Landlord. Another drink I would love to try. Looks dangerous but savory. A Bacardi blend!

The Studio can fit up to 50 pax seated OR 80 pax standing. To hold a private party, there is a minimum order of $400 for weekdays and $700 for weekends and public holidays. There are special prices for bottles during events as well.

Go check it out!! Say hi to Sam (the bartender) for me. He's really nice :P

The Studio Cocktail Bar
778 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198746
(65) 6396 6345

Zouk KL.

As my friends are heading to Zouk SG tonight, I just wana blog about Zouk KL which is a million times better than Zouk SG :X The only thing i hate about zouk KL is that you can smoke in the club. It became pretty hard to breathe at one point.

Let me tell you why.

Zouk KL is made up of 4 main smaller clubs, Phuture, Zouk, Barsonic, Velvet.

Velvet and phuture play hip hop rnb all night but velvet has a mix of oldies in it and its for the older crowd (28 and above?) phuture was filled with young kids. barsonic is mainly techtonic and zouk was.. uh we didn't even go to zouk.

We started off with velvet because it was less packed than phuture, and the music was already pretty awesome at midnight. Think pussycatdolls, fergie etc. We had some drinks here then decided to move over to phuture to check out the scene there.


Same style, rnb, Like a g6 whatever but it was so so crowded there were people shoving etc. Just like phuture in SG, insanely crowded.

Oh! I forgot to mention A GREAT INCENTIVE. There are about 60 percent guys 40 percent girls. I am serious. That's my estimate. And the girls are pretty hot on the average. Unlike SG which has mostly army guys over the weekends. Tempted yet?

So our group decided to head back to Velvet where the music was awesome and yet there's space to be in our own world without the shoving.

We also stopped by bartonic at one point to get more drinks. We had lightsticks with us and I was reminded about the time when I was at Indochine recently and people were dancing to techtonik. Hmm.


Gerald got picked up by a girl but she failed. She grabbed his lightstick and asked him to wear it for her. WTF?
Angie got picked up by a guy and he failed (what kind of loser pick up line is "Ni yao yi qi tiao wu ma?" which means do you want to dance together?)
Uh I got butt groped and pulled up on the podium to dance.
Carmelita almost got into a fight with some crazy girl who shoved her and said she was there first??
Hmm and I can't remember what else happened. Obviously there were drunk girls who were falling all over the dance floor too.

Met Warren and Glen there though!

So we were in Velvet the rest of the night, and the sucky part is that the entire zouk closes at 3am. THREE AM. They should close at 4am so we could've danced for one more hour! Damn.

We danced until our knees were breaking and I have no idea how some girls dance in their 3 inch stilettos it's insane.

Therefore, verdict, please head to Zouk in KL if you're in KL okay?

When the club closes, you can hear all the lambos and ferraris revving their engines FOR FUN and just to show off. And when they're trying to get out of the carpark they still have to rev accelerator for like half a car body length and break suddenly. Retarded but it's a status symbol.

Makes me dream of getting a pink lambo, driving up to zouk kl JUST TO PARK THERE and make sure I go home with A GIRL just to put male ego aside (the ferrari and lambo drivers are male) and Carmelita will drive a Maserati along with me. Shiok.

p.s: forgot to mention that there are hired dancers dancing on some podiums today and they're damn hot or at least their dance moves are hot.

pps; there are lcd screens so when you get tired of dancing or if you don't know the songs you can watch the mtv video. cool!!
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