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St Jerome's Laneway Festival with FIJI Water!

I can proudly say that I survived the Singapore leg of the Laneway Festival!! It wasn't easy but it was definitely worth the exhaustion. Overall, it was an exhilarating experience watching so many talented musicians liven up Singapore's indie scene. Thank you FIJI Water for this amazing opportunity!

To prepare myself for this indie music festival, I put a bunch of their songs (bands who were performing) into my ipod and listened to them any chance I could, and it was worth it. I was exposed to such a wide variety of music and I found some bands that I really liked! Was really psyched up for the actual day :)

Brought a friend along hahahah. Intended to throw it around in the mosh pit but nah. 

I also went to 'research' on indie dressing so I could blend in hahahha. Here's what I found. The typical 'indie' look involved, a fedora (NOT a cap), shorts, boots, either a floral printed top, geometric prints or vintage-looking prints, sunglasses, and keeping it light on the make up (for both boys, and girls! :p).

Grabbed my pal Michelle along with me, asked my music lover friends if anyone was going, and made plans to rock the day out. Whoops - I meant indie that day out!

The Festival
It was the third year running that St Jerome's Laneway Festival was in town! I didn't get to catch the first two (BOO) but I'm sure this year was the best! :p Held at The Meadow, at Gardens by the Bay, it was a huge plot of land perfect for concerts and festivals. Thousands of us braved the scorching heat to show our love for indie music. The sun was unforgiving but it was an unexpectedly windy afternoon, better sunny than rainy for sure! We laid down our picnic mats, towels, anything we could find, and made ourselves comfortable for the long day ahead.

FIJI Water was not only an official sponsor, but an official lifesaver at the event. Their bottles were served  cold which made the heat slightly more bearable. I remember they were even sold out at one point and the organizer had to make an announcement that it would be replenished shortly! I really love FIJI Water because it's refreshing and doesn't have a strange processed taste like most other brands.

I happily slaked my thirst with FIJI Water then remembered that the toilets were the portable type. :(

Quite bummed that I overslept and missed the first act of the day, Kings of Convenience. Only got to hear their final song 'I'd rather dance with you' while walking in. Still good though! Quite sure they were a big hit with the ladies hehe.

Some festival-goers even took out towels, clothes, whatever they could find, and wrapped themselves up in it. As long as one is still able to listen to the music, it's still a winning solution right?

Even saw a couple of foreign vistors who chatted up some locals to borrow sun block. LOL.

Michelle hydrating herself to prepare for more acts

One of the bands I was really looking forward to was Iceland's 'Of Monster and Men' and I'm sooo glad I managed to squeeze to the middle of the mosh pit! My favourite songs, 'Little Talks', 'King and Lionheart' and 'Mountain Sounds' were splendidly performed, was so into the moment with the rest of the crowd as we sang along. To think that a week before the festival, I hadn't known such great music existed!!

That awesome feeling singing along, with everyone waving their hands in the air

Michelle and Candice. Do we look hipster enough?

Took a photo with the FIJI Water girls, who were walking around with cute props! I think I look like I'm in a band in this one. FIJI Water had a photo competition where winners walk away with an autographed Laneway poster!

When the evening came, we were getting really hungry and needed to hide away from the sun, so we walked over to Marina Bay Sands for an early dinner. It was a loooong walk and I'm really glad I brought slippers to change into, as my feet were killing me.

Photo by Ryan Chang c/o Chugg Entertainment

Made it back just in time to see Kimbra's eclectic performance! Looks-wise, she's like an indie version of Katy Perry, but her music is completely different. I was so impressed by her range, passion and energy, and she was definitely one of the best acts that night! Check out one of her infectious songs, 'Settle down' if you want to start listening to her but no idea which track to start with.

Getting quite tired but we survived 6 hours!! Another 6 more to go!

By nightfall, I was seriously impressed with the amount of people gathered! People were drinking, spirits were sunburnt but enthusiastic, and the queues for food were snaking. Music-wise, Bat for Lashes sang her haunting ballad, 'Laura' that resonated through the crowd and had everyone spell-bound.

Was getting a little nibbly so I queued up for Prive Catering to get a Teriyaki Chicken burger and cheese fries which were devoured really quickly! It was pretty good festival grub that was easy to eat!

Photo by Nina Sandejas c/o Chugg Entertainment

The perfect finale for the night, Goyte and Kimbra blew us away with 'Somebody I used to know'. Dancing and singing with my friends were great fun and I was pleased that Goyte played one of the songs I had been playing on repeat - 'Smoke and Mirrors'.

At the end of the night we were exhausted, tired, but proud that we had survived the greatest music festival in Singapore, and made mental notes to come back in 2014.

Thank you, FIJI Water and FoodNews PR once again for the amazing time and the gifts! My FIJI Water lights was a hit at the concert (sooo cool at night) and I love the huge bottle of FIJI Water, the cap and the t-shirt!

FIJI Water and Laneway Festival Singapore Pre-Festival Psyche

I am superrr psyched!! 
Been wanting to immerse myself in indie music since I got back from London last year (Sept) but I have barely started. I like The Temper Trap - Sweet Dispositions so if you're interested, have a good listen!

I've heard so much about the Laneway Festival from my indie music loving friends, Sid and Candice, so when FIJI Water contacted me to give me a pair of tickets to attend the festival, I immediately said YES.

The line up is super exciting and this is my first time attending a music festival in Singapore!
To find out more, here's the Facebook Page

Thereafter, I checked Laneway Festival's Facebook page and found that I had even more friends going!! What's a festival without pals who enjoy the whole atmosphere and love the music right? 

Not to worry about lugging bottles of water to the event because FIJI Water will have 4 stations well-stocked with bottles for your convenience!!

Check out some of the pictures taken at last year's festival, credits to FoodNews PR.

PLUS, on that day itself, there will be a photo competition held by FIJI Water, where representatives will roam the grounds with special props that festival-goers can pose with for their photos! Just tag your pictures with #FIJIWaterLanewaySG and you might just win one of the 10 autographed Laneway photos!

For those who can't make it for the festival, FIJI Water will be holding a pre festival giveaway on Twitter with 10 exclusive Laneway Festvial T-shirts. Simply follow and retweet @FIJIWaterSG for a chance to win!

Awesome because you can have a blast AND not worry about being dehydrated because FIJI Water is there to save us from the heat.

Thanks FIJI Water and FoodNews PR, am so excited I'm going shopping for some indie street style clothes this weekend hehe. I am also going to create a playlist to loop songs from the bands to prepare myself for next Saturday!

See you guys there!

Monster launches Inspiration, Diamond Tears and Diesel range!

Monster Inc is set to take over the WORLD. Singapore is the FIRST country to officially launch their Inspiration, Diamond Tears and Diesel range, IN THE WORLD. 

(Giveaway at the bottom of this post!)

So before I went for the event, I was a little confused. Was beats under monster? Or was monster under beats? I also heard that monster only produced the cables for beats? Decided to rely on google, my trustworthy source.

From Wiki:
"Monster Inc. owns the Monster Cable brand of consumer audio and video cable, which is primarily used to connect audio and video components. The company produces consumer electronics accessories including audio and video cables, headphones, speakers, remotes and power conditioner equipment accessories under names including Monster Power, Monster Mobile, Monster Performance Car, Monster Game, Monster Photo, M•Design, and Beats Audio."

 Met Ai at the event and of course we had to take photos with the cool earphones!

 Photos with the models for the night!

 Beer was served at the event held at The Wavehouse!

Beats is a headphone line by Monster but, the partnership has been dissolved in Jan 2012, and you can read more about what happened here.

I've digressed a little. Ahem.

 Check out their interchangeable headbands!! To not only match your outfit, but to show off what kind of music you're listening to! I'm diggin the rocker look. Guess which headbands I'm referring to? Haha.
    The Monster Inspiration headphones will be available in Singapore (in titanium or pearl white finish) end of May 2012 and will be listed at SGD669. Has a noise cancelling function that blocks out sound completely! Good for drowning out annoying sounds (eg babies crying or neighbour's horrible crooning)

Diamond Tears
Like woah!! Check out the design on THESE earphones!! Attention grabbing for sure. All those who love bling are going mad right? I keep staring into the colours, being drawn in, all part of the scheme!  
Inspired by the musical talents of Asia’s most prominent producer, J.Y. Park, the headphone utilises Monster’s world renowned audio engineering, the same revolutionary technology used in Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ headphone line. 
·         The Monster Diamond Tears headphones (SGD699) hit the shelves end of May 2012.

Diesel VEKTR
·      Monster works in tandem with lifestyle company, Diesel, to provide consumers with a comfortable, premium-quality listening solution that blends the worlds of fashion and great sound.  

      VEKTR is for discerning consumers who have a keen eye for intricate details and a fervent passion for innovation. 

·         The Monster Diesel VEKTR headphone is listed at SGD580 and will be available mid May.

 I received a pair of Nergy earphones from Monster Inc and here's a short review on it!

As the unboxing pictures show, Monster has put in a little bit of effort on the presentation of the product, giving the user a feel that some thought, and care have gone into the delivery.

A dance/club song like Neyo’s ‘Nobody’ fared better, as the bass-heavy and punchy song greatly suited the sonic signature of the earphones.

Overall, the headphones were quite well-balanced, I was pleasantly surprised by how it managed the myriad of music I threw at it. I particularly liked the magnets on the back of each earphone which allowed them to be linked together when not in use. The tangle-free design also makes untangling the earphones when you take then out of your bag or pants a thing of the past. In short, it's great to listen with, especially for my favourite Billboard top 100 chart songs!


Woohoo! Who doesn't love freebies? Giving away TWO Monster Iphone cases, below!


How to win 
1) Like my Facebook page
2) Post on the Facebook page saying "I WANT THE MONSTERS IPHONE CASE!" 
3) Share that post you made onto your own Facebook profile and tag my Facebook page

Will use a random generator to award the winners!

Collection via mail or meet up at my convenience! Participation only valid for people living in Singapore.

Simply Shimona Giveaway!

Went for the debut launch of Simply Shimona's album!! Continue reading to find out how you can win her FREE album!

She's multi talented, sings, plays the guitar, ukelele, piano and many other instruments! Had a wonderful time listening to her and enjoying the whole atmosphere. A real inspiration for local artistes who want to embark on a singing career :)

In 2011, Shimona notably took part in the Overtime Acoustic Challenge and won the title of 1st runner up in Singapore, as well as 2nd runner up in the Singapore-Malaysia Grand Finals held in KL. She also placed as 1st runner up in 987fm’s Singer-Songwriter competition, The Next Big Thing, after which her songs “Just Not That Into You” and “Now and Then”, recorded by Don Richmond, received radio airplay.

Listen to her Youtube channel or her Reverbnation account to hear some of her original songs!

Currently, not only does Shimona perform “live” on a regular basis, she is also deeply involved as a specialized vocal instructor at United World College, LaSalle College of the Arts, and privately.

Bookings and Inquiries:

And now you can get a copy of her debut album, FOR FREE!! All you have to do is... 

1) LIKE my Facebook page
2) Share the Simply Shimona Giveaway post (from the Facebook page) onto your Facebook Feed! 

Winner will be picked randomly from a random generator I find online or by using Excel! 

Good luck! :) 

Coldplay - Fix you.

The song that fits my mood tonight!

The moment you've been yearning for, for the past two days. But stuck in reverse.


Anyone remembers this song? It's accompanying me tonight :)

Halloween weekend!

This weekend is going to be a blast. Hope you guys have a great one too!

What better way to start of some halloween with.. the nightmare before christmas and evanescence?!?

I'm listening to this... now :D

Westlife Fan

Any one here remembers Westlife? One of my favourite bands OF ALL TIME.

Well, last night I tweeted that, one of my regrets in life is that I didn't watch a Westlife concert. And guess what? THEY ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE!

On which date? 3rd October! Which happens to be. My birthday.


I will not be in Singapore!!!!

SO I CAN'T CATCH THEM! $#($&*#@$&

I was so depressed when I fell asleep last night. So I am listening to their album today. Continuously.

*sobs in a corner*

Don't stop me now!

<3 Queen.

Old school.

When I was in choir we sang this song. Exact same score.


Dr Dre, Eminem, Skylar Grey - I need a doctor

Omg this video is so so touching!!
Eminem was brought to fame thanks to Dr Dre. Because about a decade ago, whites weren't seen as rapper boysz so it was tough for them to even start a career on that.

The song is sooo impactful too. It was just released like a week or so ago on Youtube and it already has don't know how many million views.

If you have time, look up the lyrics okay? It's about the obstacles Dre and Eminem faced in life but they never stopped believing.

The song is dedicated to Dr Dre, to give him hope again. From googling it says his son passed away from overdose? And of course, as a father he's affected by it.

Dr Dre and Eminem's friendship is so so strong. Read the lyrics. Eminem was the one who stuck with him.

SO EMOTIONAL. Gosh. Yes I am an eminem fan.


If you guys have been following my twitter.. I'm taking part in a singing competition on Wednesday, in a duet act.

Needless to say, I'm nervous, freaked out and am not ready for humiliation.

Why did I even sign up in the first place URghrhgurhgsdifj,

I have no stage presence, get crazy stage frights andddd my voice switches into retarded mode and I can't reach notes I can usually reach, suddenly become sharp or flat. Heart pounding, fingers icy cold, legs shivering, you get the drift.

And I am up against people who have been performing quite often!

Though I am the only girl in the competition, please please I just hope I don't screw up.

Right now it's pretty shitty because we haven't had much rehearsals on the song.

I actually feel like dropping out. Seriously.

Good night.

Casey Abrams.

I don't know how many of you guys are following American Idol this season because Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul aren't juding anymore. But I'd recommend you watch it just because this guy is so freaking good.

He's pitch perfect and plays the bass perfectly whaaa? Super talented and I love his vocals! If you're American please vote for him thanks :D
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