Travelogue: Nagoya: Kinjo Gakuin University

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I was completely exhausted the night before due to my hectic Tokyo Disneyland adventure, then travelling to Nagoya in the evening but woke up bright and early the next day feeling fresh and energized because I was in Japan!! There's so much to celebrate about that. I was living at Junko, my pen pal's place and she teaches English at an all-girl university called Kinjo Gakuin University, which is a 45 mins drive away. She kindly invited me to co-teach her class with her, as a guest, and was quite excited because she figured the students might not have spoken to many foreigners due to the rural area.

Now, I've never been to an all-girls university, and coming from an all-girls school myself for 10 years made me extra nervous. It was crucial to set a right impression from the start!! I picked a dress I had bought the week earlier from Zara and paired them with black leggings, a scarf, boots and threw on my trench-coat as it was quite chilly. Ironically, the moment I stepped into the school, it was really hot and I slowly started to peek the layers off. I was actually perspiring in the class because it was that hot indoors!!

Junko went to the class first as we were almost late (Japanese are like never late!), but I was so jittery that I had to stop by the ladies to calm myself down. Took a deep breath, and walked into the class. At that moment I heard girls squealing "Aahh!! I forgot that we are having a guest today!!" in Japanese and I was so shy that I just took the first seat I saw, which was right in front. 

After the class settled down, Junko introduced me and the class started from there. She wanted me to help correct pronunciations and read aloud so that they could imitate my sounds! I was really apprehensive at first but loosened up as the students are just so eager to learn, which makes it a pleasure to teach :) I really hope the girls continue to press forward and not give up on English!! 

A shot with the pretty girls :) I don't know how they can wear sweaters because it was really hot!!
Bought them bak kwa to try and they loved it. So happy!! 
みんな,元気ですか?:) みんなにあいたいです!!♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

After class, Junko and I drove to a nearby shopping mall to eat one of the famed dishes in Nagoya - Miso katsu!

This place is famous for its miso katsu :)

Having a hard time deciding what to eat!

Since I wanted to try everything, I settled on a mixed set, with fried pork cutlet, squid and minced pork! It was sooo freaking good. The miso makes everything a little sweeter and we just sat there chatting away even though we hadn't seen each other for quite a long time :)

Doesn't this make you want to eat it already?!

We still had some time to kill, so I decided to go bra shopping lol. Seriously girls you'll be spoilt for choice in a shopping mall because there are just so many brands and soo many cute designs!! Before I came to Japan I didn't even know that Wacoal was a Japanese brand. :X They are really affordable though, like $20 for a pair, when they're on sale??? Really great quality too! Think I spent like 2hours in the shop and bought 5 pairs hahahah. Went back to Junko's place to freshen up before we went for dinner.

Walked by this wall of vending machines and just had to take a picture. So much variety!!! Singapore needs to be at that level.

Stayed tuned for more of my Japan posts!

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