Supersonic Hair Treatment and Soda Hair Wash by Monso Hair Design Tokyo Salon

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Was invited by Monso Hair Design Tokyo to try their new signature supersonic hair treatment and I must say I was very impressed!! My hair is still silky smooth now and feels so much healthier after going through the chemical processes I've subjected it to in the past :X Had a colleague that commented my hair was really shiny and made my brown hair stand out more obviously. Yay!

Their outlet at Tanjong Pagar

Taking some before pictures, the ends of my hair are exceptionally dry!

Many thanks to Mayu-chan for her help that day!! She's Japanese but speaks good English, so not to worry! Each stylist here tends to one customer at a time, unlike other salons where they will make you wait while tending to other customers at the same time, or even get someone else to dye your hair for you! It's a completely Japanese hair salon so there are only Japanese hair stylists here.

How to get there:

Their Tanjong Pagar outlet is very new and is located in one of the pretty shophouses along Tanjong Pagar Road. It is easily accessible from Tanjong Pagar MRT, just walk towards Amara Hotel then turn towards Maxwell! Ie, if Amara Hotel is on your right and Tanjong Pagar Plaza is on your left, walk straight, it'll be on the same side of the road as Tanjong Pagar Plaza. A quick 10 min walk from the train station and a chance to look at the exciting food offerings in the area.

Obligatory 'Before' picture. Urgh look at those dry ends! :(

I started off with a quick trim and went for my hair wash. Mayu-chan asked if I had tried soda hair spa before, and I was like whaaaat's that?

Soda Hair Spa

A soda hair wash is using dissolved CO2 in water and doesn't have or leave any smell on your hair. It's all the rage in Japan as it promotes blood circulation for your scalp, and also cleans out pores clogged by sebum. Thereby restoring and injecting life into your hair! Mayu also gently placed a thin towel on my face so that I could close my eyes and relax (instead of staring at the ceiling), which will allow you to enjoy your hair wash even more :p

I thoroughly enjoyed the little hair massage. Getting a soda hair wash is an additional $10, but completely worth the relaxation and cleanliness!

PSST! They are also selling soda spa shower heads complete with soda tablets that you attach to your water supply, so you can enjoy this at home! It is recommended to pamper your hair with this about once every week or fortnight. Pop by their salon to find out more.

Supersonic Hair Treatment

Once my hair was clean from all impurities, it was time to apply Shiseido's treatment onto my hair. Some hair salons try to 'ration' the amount of serum, but Monso Hair Design uses an entire bottle per person, so you know you're getting your value for money.

Products used on my hair

Once it was evenly applied to my hair, Mayu-chan used this revolutionary Supersonic Premium device to penetrate and seal the benefits of the treatment product in.

This isn't hot at all! I even touched the plate to try haha.

After that, Mayu-chan wrapped my hair into this steamer to speed up the absorption of products into my hair. Bring it back to life!!

This was followed by another hair wash (not soda though, because why would you want to thoroughly clean all the product off your hair lol) and Mayu-chan blow drying my hair. I was happily reading the Japanese magazines and taking mental pictures of nice outfits when I realised that my hair looked soo shiny through the mirror!!

Was so surprised that I started caressing my hair lol.

"つるつる!TSURU TSURU!!" 
which means very smooth in Japanese

I love how smooth my hair has become! It's soft, shiny and so much more manageable! My trim, supersonic hair treatment and soda hair wash is reasonably priced at $220 and took about 2hours. In that 2 hours I saw another male stylist tend to two male Japanese customers, so you can get some eye candies here too.

PSST! If you quote 'Facebook promotion' you will enjoy 20% off their all menu items only valid at the Tanjong Pagar outlet!

Was so happy, Mayu-chan and I started cam-whoring.


Another After because I can't believe it. My hair was so smooth an ant could slide down it. Mayu-chan started curling my hair and styling it to give it a more japanese feel.

Mayu-chan had her hair curled and pulled back into a pretty ponytail, then used her hair to conceal the rubber band. I LOVED that look so I asked her to teach me :P

End result. How is it?

Monso Hair Design Tokyo uses only Japanese hair products, and their prices are per above!

Thanks Mayu-chan and Monso Hair Design Tokyo Salon!


Tanjong Pagar (where I had my treatment done!)
32 Tanjong Pager Road, Singapore 088455
Contact no: 62221061

Robertson Quay 
1 Nanson Road #01-06 GALLERY HOTEL, 238909
Contact no: 6836 5585

Website (in japanese though, I'd recommend checking out their FB page)

Til the next time!

All photos taken in this post were shot with a Casio Exilim TR-35, in beauty mode. Love how it makes my skin glow!
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