Launch of new korean online store Me-In

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Not too long ago I was at Zafferano, Ocean Financial Centre's hidden gem with a gorgeous view of the city to witness the launch of Me-In, a new korean online fashion store!

I loved their collection which featured classy outfits with a little twist, suitable for work as well as play just by switching jackets!! Me-In also specially flew in korean models just for the fashion parade segment, and they're so pretty it's unbelievable. Some of the guys even bashfully approached them to take photos together! There was a short QnA section but to take part you had to drop your name card in the fishbowl, and of all days I ran out of mine. Urgh!!

Alright, without further ado - I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Here are my picks from their website:
Favourite work to play outfit :)

My favourite skirt from the whole collection! Psst: You can see a model wearing it in one of the pictures above too!



Photo by Abel Khoo. (c) Me-In 2014
Shoutouts to:
- Clara whose tummy is so big now!!! Can't wait to see your lovely daughter she's going to be so adorable and pretty just like her mummy :)
- Nurul thanks for coming with me and dressing up so nicely hehe!! See you soon!!!

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