Rounge SGC Nail Salon Tokyo Review - Gel vs Gelish

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Just like painting nails is therapeutic, looking at my nails on a particularly stressful afternoon cheers me up. This is especially so when it's done the way I like it, drawn professionally, and with no chips, unsightly edges or missing crystals. Once you've found a salon that does that for you, you'll keep going back. I managed to find one such salon and I'm very excited to share this with you guys!!

Photo a day before I get my nails done!
But first -

Gel vs Gelish

What's the difference between Gel and Gelish? Are your nails done using gelish? When I answer no and say it's gel, they look confused.

I've been asked this question pretty frequently, and I think it's time to share the answer online.

Gelish, is the name of a type of gel under Harmony, produced in US. It's just a brand, like you can't assume that all post-it's are under 3M, right? There are sticky pads produced by other companies as well.

Gel is the generic name for manicures that resembles acrylic nails, but are far less damaging as your nail is not glued on, but rather, applied on. Gel manicures take a much longer time for you to finish your manicure compared to the traditional ones. Instead of the usual 2 coats for basic manicures, gel manicures can take 10 or more coats, simply because they are individually painted on and require LED/UV light to dry between coats.

Nail designs by Rounge SGC Nail Salon, using Japanese brand of gel nails

However, gel nails do not chip easily and are extremely durable, so you can be doing manual labour and not worry about your nails. Before I switched to gel manicures, my nail polish used to be so easily chipped that I would remove them within a week. Sometimes, they would get chipped the very next day. What a waste of money!!


As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I found a salon that exceeded my expectations and left me very satisfied, and that is Rounge SGC Nail Salon, Tokyo, which has 10 outlets in Japan and they just opened their first outlet in Singapore and even more recently, in New York, not too long ago!

Most of their manicurists are japanese staff who are very patient, greet you cheerfully, and provide top notch service.

I thought I'd highlight some of the amazing perks you don't get at ordinary salons (and trust me, I've been to plenty) that Rounge SGC offers.


  • Premium quality gel nail products from Japan
Rounge SGC Nail Salon uses top products in Japan like Ace Gel which is not as harmful and harsh on your nails, and most importantly, are a great base for designs. They are able to handle marbling effects, more layers of colour, create gradients of colour, and more. There are just so many endless possibilities to be achieved!

(If you're wondering why the english doesn't really make sense, I'm using google translate's auto translator, the original language is in Japanese)

Obtained from Ace Gel's gallery, simply gorgeous.

  • Free soak off, even if you did your nails at another shop

This is a bit of a shocker because many many salons charge additional $20 or so just to soak off your already grown out gel nails. Soaking off is not entirely easy because the gel portion of your nails have to be soaked, filed and buffed, which takes about 20 minutes. Furthermore, if they are over buffed your nails will be damaged. 

Rounge SGC does it for you, FOR FREE.

  • Free repair for 1 week

If your nail is chipped, broken, loose or separated, contact the salon immediately and they will repair it for you unconditionally! They are that confident about their quality. I didn't have any issues because my nails are still in perfect condition even though I am pretty clumsy and sometimes scratch at my nails.

  • Unlimited accessories 

Many salons charge additional $1, for every extra big crystal, or $4 per finger of nail art, but not Rounge SGC. All options are included in the fixed rate so you won't have any hidden charges! When you are given a price, that's it, independent of design!

They have a crazy wide variety of accessories, and once again I have to stress that they are available at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Some accessories are even imported specially from Japan and are not found in Singapore!

Christmas nails
My christmas themed nails!

Mina-chan did my nails for me and she is just amazing at it!! She did a really good job and I am very impressed. With years of experience and a ridiculously stable hand, she's able to draw such gorgeous designs that has drawn a lot of attention and given lots of compliments! She's done nails for many Japanese celebrities and is very passionate and dedicated in her nail designs. At the end of manicures, customers will even get a Rounge SGC Nail Salon buffer, compliments of the salon!

It's been two weeks since I've gotten my manicure and they are still in tip top condition! No chips, no broken edges, nothing. The only thing that's changed is that my nails have grown longer. I'm very pleased!! Rounge SGC Nail Salon is having a promotion for first time customers, where a full gel manicure is fixed at $80. Hurry and make your last minute christmas appointment, or early chinese new year appointment, today! You know how crazy hard it is during CNY period is to get a slot with good, reputable nail salons.

Taken after my mani! :)

Which nail design is your favourite? Mine is the christmas tree, but many of my friends and colleagues like the snowflake design. Have you gotten your nails done for Christmas? Leave a comment below!

Nail Salon Rounge SGC 

402 Orchard Road 


Delfi Orchard 
Tel: 6737-4413

PSST: Visit their facebook page to have a look at more of their carefully crafted designs
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