How to remove fresh stains off your Sealy Mattress

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It's been almost a year since I've had my rabbit Squishy, and she's brought me so much joy just watching her hop around or munching on hay. She's also very mischievous and naughty, she's already bitten through my brother's and my speaker wires, she likes to squeeze herself somehow to hide behind the computer (yes with more wires) and she eats dust.

Don't let that innocent size fool you

Whenever we let her run around the house we make sure that she's adequately supervised. Earlier this month I started to let her run around my room, only if I'm inside myself. She likes to hide in a corner of my room and just lie down knowing she's the princess of the household.

She likes to show off her cute tail

Wednesday evening was no exception. She was hopping around, and I went for a quick shower. After I got out, I went around looking for her in her usual spots, but couldn't find her. Feeling a little tired, I went to my room and found her on my bed. How did she get there?!? I thought. My Sealy bed is quite a height from the floor, and I suspected that she jumped on a box near my bed and jumped up again.

As she saw me approaching, she stared at me with her beady eyes, and I went all soft inside. "Aww Squishy how did you get up here?" I asked her. She is terribly afraid of heights so I knew I had to carry her down. As I picked her up, I felt that her fur was wet, and an alarm went off in my head. Ohhhhhhh no.....

I quickly returned her to her cage and began operation Remove Stain off Sealy Mattress.

This also applies to other stains like blood, soiled beds etc.

Step 1: Tear off your bedsheet/pillowcase/bolstercase

Get everything that has come into contact with the stain, off your bed before it spreads!! I threw this on the floor first because the mattress is more time sensitive. If it seeps all the way in, it will encourage the growth of mould, which you definitely do not want.

Step 2: Use a wet cloth to blot the area on your mattress

Take a piece of cloth, wet it with cold water, squeeze it dry, and blot the area on your mattress. Doing this helps to soak out the stain.

IMPORTANT!! If the area of the stain is quite big, start on the edges and work your way towards the center so that the stain does not spread!

Step 3: Use a dry cloth to blot again

This is to absorb the moisture you just introduced to the mattress. If you rub instead of blot, this will cause the stain to spread or sink more deeply into your mattress. 

Repeat Step 2 and 3 until the stain lightens.

For Squishy's pee, it was slightly yellowish and even though I did Step 2 and 3 multiple times, the colour was still slightly visible. Then I did this.

(Optional for acidic stains) Step 4: Use saline solution

Grab your nearest saline solution and apply around the area of the stain. Then blot with a dry cloth. Don't use too much saline or it will seep into your mattress!! I used a little bit at a time and after blotting, checked to see if it was still yellow.

After a few times (with a lot of patience and determination), the yellow stain was removed! The only evidence of it ever been there is a little friction around the area because I was getting frustrated and rubbed the area ahaha.

Step 5: Use a hairdryer to blow dry!

Plugged in my trusty hair dryer and helped speed up the drying process. Don't put it too near the mattress though or the coils might expand and warp. 

(Option B) Mixing water with salt

If that didn't work for you at all, mix two teaspoons of salt into a cup of cold water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray on the affected area, then blot with a dry cloth. After most of the stain is out, use a wet cloth to clean up and then dry again.

Disclaimer: This worked for me but I can't guarantee it will work on your mattress. Try at your own risk! I don't take any reponsibility if it doesn't work or if your mattress somehow gets mouldy or gets worse.


Super happy that my Sealy is now back in it's tip-top condition! Was mad at Squishy for a while but who could stay mad at this adorable face?!

Ignore her paw that's a little dirty, if you please.

If you've tried everything and the stain isn't coming out, plus you've had this mattress for about 10 years, why not consider getting a Sealy mattress?? My back doesn't ache anymore and I wake up more refreshed than ever.

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