Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards in Singapore

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It's been so long since I've been excited for a launch and there is no secret why I'm attracted to this one. It's everyone's favourite character, Hello Kitty which you can have on your EZ-Link card!!!

 Tell yourself (and your parents) that this is a definite NEED because you NEED to take public transport, if you drive, you still NEED an EZ-Link card because it will come in handy one day ;)

EZ-Link Unveils My EZ-Link Online Shop

EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards, today unveiled My EZ-Link Online Shop (, its first e-commerce venture featuring limited edition ez-link cards and fashionable ez-link memorabilia.

Limited edition woohoo! They are ADORABLE!

The Hello Kitty ez-link Card Series comprises four Limited Edition Cards featuring famous sights and special occasions of Singapore in mesmerising etched and glitter printing effects, priced at S$19.90 each (including GST) and eight Classic Cards with specially curated images from Sanrio priced at S$14.90 each (including GST).

Each card is packaged in a bespoke Hello Kitty box with a nifty Sanrio Hello Kitty mobile screen cleaner. The Hello Kitty Classic ez-link Cards will be launched first on 29 October 2013 on and four designs will be exclusively available at selected TransitLink Ticket Offices. Starting in December 2013, the Hello Kitty Limited Edition ez-link Cards will be on sale on the online shop, with a new card being made available every two weeks.

“We decided on having the Hello Kitty ez-link Cards as the inaugural products for My EZ-Link Online because of the universal appeal of the character,” said Mr. Lee. “With twelve exquisite designs to choose from, there’s definitely a card for everyone. We hope that these charming cards will add fun into everyday commute and shopping and act as lovely gifts for many different occasions.”

Hello Kitty Contest

To celebrate the e-shop launch, EZ-Link is holding a “Me & My Classic Cards” contest. Collect all eight Hello Kitty Classic ez-link designs and three winners will stand a chance to win a 30-inch giant Hello Kitty plushie. For more information, go to or

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