Levi's® X Liberty London collection in Singapore

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Street fashionistas just received some thrilling news - Levi's denim meets Liberty's prints. This exclusive collaboration where US meets UK is every chick's new wardrobe essential. When I first received the email alert, I was excited, but skeptical. Wouldn't one be more striking over the other? How would they balance denim and prints when both are iconic in their own way?

Trucker vest that's rugged and cool... with a twist of prettiness

Boy, was I paranoid for nothing.

If you're wondering where you've heard the name Liberty, they're a department store at Regent Street, famed for their fabrics, textiles, but most of all, their prints. Always fashion-forward, interesting and versatile since the late 1800s, over 43,000 original designs originating from hand drawings are now in Liberty archives with hundreds of new designs added each year. 

Liberty at Regent Street

Both Levi's and Liberty have built a legacy based on their own strength in craftsmanship. Levi's, being their classy American, effortlessly cool clothing, and Liberty with their artistic, bold, and creative styles. Together, they've created an exclusive range with two trademark prints - Carlin and Kerr Bandana, which are definitely one of the hottest things this season.

Feminine, yet bold at the same time!

This design, named after the Levi’s® designer Jenny Carlin who worked on the collection, of signature painted garden flowers was inspired by a print from the 1970s, then redrawn with watercolour pencils. The result? A cheerful, colourful, and classic floral that I really adore. The juxtaposition with denim brings character, vibrancy, youth and tons of energy!

Kerr Bandana

The Kerr Bandana design is both floral and Pointillist ( technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of are applied in patterns to form an image) in appearance and is also inspired by a painting - but in the late 1940s. The Levi’s® and Liberty design teams originally redesigned the Kerr Bandana print as a bandana design with a border, and then took the elements to laser burn the pattern onto the denim. The denim is then uniquely finished using an innovative laser to apply the design to the indigo.
Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection - 

Claire's Picks

Levi’s® x Liberty 501® Shorts

Levi's iconic 501® shorts has been revamped to feature an all-over Kerr Bandana laser print, and for the more observant, Carlin print exposed pockets. I like the subtle hint of playfulness, and would wear this for a casual day at the beach!

Levi’s® x Liberty High Rise Shorts

Charming half print high rise shorts that's fun and quirky

Levi’s® x Liberty Flouncy Skirt

I LOVE this skater skirt! It's eye catching, whimsical with its asymmetrical hem and screams non-conformist, originality and freshness. Pair this with sunglasses and you're ready to rock this look.

“Working with the world leader in denim has opened up our print house to a new global customer. We are honoured to be the first brand Levi’s® has partnered with on their women’s line and can’t wait to have the collection swinging in our store,”said Ed Burstell, Managing Director, Liberty London.

We can't wait for the collection to hit stores too!

Levi’s® x Liberty Duffle Bag

This duffle will instantly bring a dash of colour and perk up any outfit! I'd bring it every time I'm doing sports, having a duffel gym bag would be awesome to chuck my stuff inside!

Levi’s® x Liberty Bustier Bra Top

Last but not least, this mid-riff bustier is edgy, stylish and sure to turn admiring heads if you strut in confidence along the streets of Orchard Road. If only I had a nice, flat tummy to complement this! Sigh. I'll have to throw on a cardigan to create an illusion of a slimmer figure for this one!

The Levi’s® X Liberty London collection features 11 limited edition pieces ranging in prices from SGD$189.90 to SGD$399.90 and will be available at Levi’s® Lady’s stores (313@somerset #01-21,Bugis Junction #01-25/25A, Vivocity #01-191) from 28th June.  

Be sure to check it out when it's released!

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