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A while ago I attended Datsumo Labo's launch party held at Ochre, which is in Orchard Central. Datsumo Labo is a widely popular Japanese salon founded in Shibuya, the trendiest district in Tokyo (IMHO). Over 200 celebrities including famous idols and actresses are fans of their hair removal services

There are currently 26 outlets in Japan and they've decided to hold their first overseas salon here in Singapore!

The launch debut was hosted by the handsome Jeremy Hellven and pretty Misa Miyagawa and tons of people were there!

We were treated to an international buffet spread. Gaaah SOO good.

Very satisfied with the spread! There was beef stew as well, and that was cooked to perfection. Meat was tender, stew was thick. Yum. I am definitely planning to stop by Ochre (Level 11) soon to have a proper meal soon!

This Smoked Salmon and Caviar dish was superb. It was finished really quickly hahah I snapped this picture pretty early on before the queue started.

Snapped a pic with Crystal, Golly Locks and Kelly, who were the finalists for the Datsumo Labo girl contest! They're super gyaru and rocking at it.

Little DJ booth! Sick connection hahah I know nothing about DJ'ing.

They had an 'Are you an expert at Hair Removal' game during the event where you play a hair removal game on an iPad, and if you're the top 3 scorers, you win CASH. 

Excited by the prospect of $$, I took part. And I won the 2nd prize!! (was aiming for first though, damnit). Nonetheless, I was $200 richer for that moment. Subsequently reduced that amount to negative oops.

The party also included a live audition for a Datsumo Labo Spokesgirl. The winner, Kelly , won a free full body hair removal package worth over S$2,000. Consolation prizes of more than S$500 worth of full body hair removal were also given to the remaining finalists.'

With Gaku Fujisawa and Crystal

With Kawahara on the left and Yuichiro Ohno on the right

Datsumo Labo is super affordable as well. It's only $99 per month for a FULL BODY hair removal plan. Full body meaning top to toe!! Why do an underarm IPL at place X, a brazilian VPL at place Y when you can do everything at one place, be assured of the quality and consistency, and save on transport fares hahah.

There are a ton of promotions on their website so go visit to find out which plan suits you best!

#01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869.

Opening Hours: 10:30AM - 9:30PM 
Tel: +65-6836-2140

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