Memorable moments in 2012.

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As the year draws to a close, it's time to reminisce the best times in 2012. Of course, the most amazing times are spent with friends and family, but since they won't relate to most of you guys who are reading, I've left them out haha.

Some random activities include, crab buffets with YAT team, finishing an imaging course, Natsumatsuri, attending my first friend's wedding, eating a ton of sashimi, bumping into the Far East Movement, welcoming friends from Tohoku and ending up in the papers, trying more snail gunk on my face, painted my first acryllic painting, many laughs, and the list goes on and on.

Sucky thing about 2012 was that I fell sick pretty often. Hope that I will be healthier and stronger in 2013!

 Here are 10 of my most awesome moments in 2012.

 10. Blogger's events
The 2012 Couture Fashion week was, hands-down the best fashion show I've ever attended. From graceful silk gowns to casual wear, I was really drawn to the world of fashion on those nights!

Had the honour of meeting Kenzo who was looking smart in scarves the whole fashion week! Pictured above with sexy Vanessa and pretty Shanice.

 (PS: Also love the snakeskin dress I bought online at a steal!)

 I was blown away by Julien Fournie's collection, which was simply spunky, fun and a fresh of breath air! 

Yumi Katsura 's collection was the most elegant, gorgeous, intricate and to-die-for. She had dresses that could transform ANY country bumpkin into a princess. All I need is a prince or a magic wand. 


Photo booth love with some bloggers. Thanks to I got a discount off my St Regis staycation!

 Made lots of new friends during the year! This was taken at the launch of Esquire magazine with Jason Godfrey, Zurina Bryant, Linda Black, Paula Robinson and Paul Foster.


This wasn't taken at a blogger's event but I am happy I got invited to Sarah's Hari Raya celebration!! It was my first time trying Pakistani food and it was super spicy, but good! :O


At a Kiehl's event earlier in the year with Hayley and Jayley's doggy Buibui! Am really happy to learn about new products, how you can protect your face, make your skin more radiant and secrets to keep yourself looking youthful!! Achieve awesome skin without botox *thumbs up*

Mixed my first drink! Never knew there was a technique to 'shaking'. Thought it would be easy but nooooo.

These are just a few I could easily access pictures to. For more you can click on the tabs on the right column! :) Phew number 10 was long. Are you guys still with me?

9. Wisdom Teeth surgery

Super traumatic. I remember drinking water through a straw, bloodied gauzes, a numb chin and jaw, eating baby food, cute dentist. Glad I got it over and done with by removing all 4 teeth at once. Read about it here.

8. Casio Sheen

Never did any modelling-type photoshoot in the past, so was a little nervous and awkward for this whole Casio Sheen bloggers thing! Really glad I took part as I got to know a lovely bunch of pretty female bloggers! Though the photoshoot was super informal, it isn't easy! You have to know your best poses and never lose that character in your eyes! We even went on stage during the blog awards and I appeared in the newspapers :O

The website is still alive so take a look here if you want!

One of the pictures that made it onto EDMW. Thanks whoever submitted it, officially felt a little stalked.

7. Beauty explosion

Had fun times experimenting with make up and beauty products! Thank you PR companies and companies for giving me such great opportunities!

Me gyaru-fied. Still don't look Japanese but my eyebrows are lighter and my eyes look bigger? Haha.

6. Birthdayyyyyyyy

This should be higher but I didn't know the basis of ranking. Birthday was only for a day but my travels were for a week. So shouldn't a week's worth of happiness be more than a day's worth? Never mind. Thanks to all my friends who came down to celebrate it with me!! :) Was really really wonderful to have spent it with you guys!! Had my birthday dinner at 2fifteen kitchen, a jacuzzi party at Oasia Hotel, dinner at Wolfgang Puck and other places!

5. Sweating it out in Thailand
May 2012 was the first time I went to Bangkok! It was sweltering hot and I was completely overwhelmed in Pratunam, I was dehydrated and had a headache. Nonetheless, I really appreciated Singapore after the whole experience.

I also tailored a dress and a matching blazer+pants but the tailoring wasn't well done so I didn't recommend them to you guys.

Of course, the company made up for it!

Read some of my tips for Bangkok here!

4. Living like a Japanese
Cycling around Bunny Island (yes there's such a place in Japan!), eating bento from the convenience store, actually spending a few days in my brother's terrace, rolled around the tatami. Woke up at 9.30am on a futon and slept at 11pm? With high speed internet and perfect May/June weather.  This was the life.

Which reminds me... I haven't finished blogging about this right? *runs away*

3. Becoming a Maiko (Apprentice Geisha)
This has been on my bucket list for so long!! The whole experience was so surreal. Very blessed to have been able to dress up in this traditional make-up and decked out in my first Kimono. Okay prepare to be shocked. I look really different!


 The other non-white faced ladies in this picture above are actually... prostitutes who dress sorta like geisha. Geisha are not prostitutes!! These girls had really skanky poses for their photoshoot. Hahah.

Here's two other japanese students who dressed up as maikos! I suppose having smaller eyes completes the look better. Darn.

2. Feasting in Hong Kong
Wake up at 12, shower, get ready, have lunch, walk abit, have tea, walk abit, have dinner, walk abit, drinks,  supper, and head home. Repeat. Got fat here.

1. London
Watched my first live concert in London. Saw fireworks for the first time in London during the Thames Festival. Didn't watch Matilda. Had yummy scones, had a mini jamming session in the middle of the night, went to some underground cocktail bar, met up with my Edinburgh and Canadian pals who just happened to be in London at the same time! Coincidentally met my uni friend at Heathrow Airport. What are the odds?


My little tiny netherland dwarf rabbity is adorable, cute, smelly, quiet, poop-a-lot, but a bundle of joy. Right now she is nomming on cabbage haha.

I am so grateful that I have her in my life because she's really teaching me about love and commitment. Plus she brings me so much happiness! Click here to find out about how squishy came into my life.

Had a great New Year's Eve, hope you did too!! What do you want to achieve in 2013 ? Planned your resolutions yet? I think it's time I became stricter with myself.


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