Mary Kay's TimeWise Plus Range

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When I was younger, I was that kid who'd snuck into her mum's room, used her lipstick, attempted to draw it all over my lips, and ended up colouring 'out of the lines' as they say.

Oh, and getting scolded by my mum when she found out. Way to get myself busted!

Now, I help my friend's apply make up whenever they want me to! How times have changed. 

Imagine, walking into Cafe de Jardin (100 Beach Road, Shaw Towers), and greeted with these on the table.

A table full of Mary Kay's products!

Mary Kay is an American cosmetics beauty company, founded in 1963 by a wonderful lady who wanted to empower women for success. Their skincare and products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world, and earns more than $2.5 billion in annual sales a year!

I wondered why I even bothered to put make up in the first place because I could experiment with more colours here. Hahaha, nah I don't think I can go out with contacts and not apply any make up at all. No eye make up, fine but foundation is a must. #digress

Sat with Yvette (the people photos were taken with her DSLR!) who looked really cute that night! *_*

Both of us were super hungry at that time, the decor was so adorably fluffy and cute, so I had no reason not to hit the food table first, right? Plus, we were earlier than half of the other guests, hehe.

No regrets because the duck burger was superb!! If you're around Bugis and don't know where to go for lunch/dinner, try Cafe de Jardin just for their affordable duck burgers. Full stop.

How could I steal from the bunny's tea time stash? 

Easily. Hahahaha. I think I had 2 of these duck burgers and licked my fingers after. #don'ttellanyone

We were introduced to Mary Kay's new Timewise plus+ range, that promises to minimize skin aging and allow women to be youthful again! Now that I'm almost in my mid 20s, it's time to protect my skin from aging any further by using their intensive serum and eye cream!

Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum, 30ml - SGD 195

 Their intensive serum contains Plant Stem cells that will regenerate your skin cells, protect your skin matrix, and thereby keeping your skin firm from free radicals in the air! Another ingredient, Tripeptide1, supports processes for skin repair, while the botanical extracts provides your skin with volume and a lifting effect.

Spread the product upward and outward in circular motions for your forehead, nose, mouth, cheeks, jawline and even neck!

- Helps jawline appear lifted
-Define facial contours
-Firms and tightens sagging skin
-Lifting effect
- Lines and wrinkles softened
- Doubles skin hydration

Two of us excited to try the new products

Mary Kay® TimeWise® Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream, 15ml - SGD 105
Squeeze out a small amount of product onto the tip, 
apply under eye area inside out in an outward, circular motion to relieve puffiness/swelling

- Lifted eye area
- Reduced puffiness
- Minimizes lines
- Minimizes dark circles
- Firms sagging skin
- Liquid crystals enhance effectiveness and illuminate eyes
- Provides moisturization for 12 hours

Love the applicator! Sculpted to fit the eye, tip stimulates microcirculation as it gentle massages the undereye area. Metal on skin makes the effect cooling and refreshing

 Pictures below are from Yvette's freaking awesome DSLR with a zipai rotatable screen. I want one.

Me doing the Lip Spa. Rubbing it onto my lips in a circular motion will remove dead skin/cells and enhance my poutability. Okay I added that last bit in. Dab with lip balm after, and your lips will be smoother and bouncier! You'll also get away with pictures of you pouting, like the one above.

Before & After

My lips look lighter and shinier! Okay the shiny bit is due to the lip balm. But lighter nonetheless!

Little cute section where we were introduced to some of their other existing products, and lip gloss!

That's us after we've applied lip stick and lip gloss! :) Say Hi to Zurina!

Staring at Yvette's hair makes me feel like cutting bangs. Hmm.

Thank you Mary Kay and PR girls for this get together! 
(and for introducing my new favourite duck burger joint) 

Get your products exclusively through an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant 

Stay tuned for the make up review! :)
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