Photologue: Irene's Velvet and Roses party!

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Irene ( invited me to her exclusive beauty pampering party!! It was held at Mary Chia, Orchard point. Seriously I didn't even know there was a Mary Chia outlet there. She put in lots of effort into the decorations, the design of the invite, and I LOVED the theme!! Regret that I didn't bring my toy gun. Sigh.

 I didn't get to try the lava cakes because of my horrible throat (which has now evolved into a phlegmy-cough). Haiz I really have to try them soon!!!
 Outfit of the day was a black lace tube dress, black heels, red hair accessory.

 Delicious crepes!! I especially loved the truffle and prawn ones, was stuffing myself with them when no one was looking >_>

 Felt like ultimate celebs because we had two photographers in the bg taking pictures of us ahaha.
 Wished there was a photo wall though! So we could cam whore with the print out of the party logo!
 Irene MADE these truffle crackers. Can I just marry her already!??!? These were delicious!! Need to ask her for the exact ingredients so that I can replicate this :P Probably for my birthday party!

 There was a makeover counter and I decided to be 'glam' and allow them to apply fake eyelashes for me. Never again am I putting lashes this long -_- Wasn't used to this falsies thing so I plucked them off after 1 min.
 Mafia princesses, for sure. Lots of red, black and LACE.
 Okay I am smiling happier now because the lashes are off. Love Irene's red lips!

After the party, I headed over to cine to check out Jayne ( 's new shop!! Bought two GORGEOUS necklaces. I couldn't decide which was nicer and just got both :X Visit her shop! It's at 02-12! They have really unique footwear too!

Thanks for inviting me Irene!! :) Vote for her in the Singapore Blog Awards!
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