Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care

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Was honoured to attend a blogger's event held by Mary Kay introducing their Botanical Effects Skin Care range! Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets around the world, and conducts more than 300,000 tests annually to ensure that Mary Kay® products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance.

Some snacks for us to fill our stomachs as it was around dinner time.
I had the Roasted Chicken Avocado. Felt healthier after eating it.

Saw this and couldn't resist taking a picture. Mental note to self that my future company will have a wall like this, honouring the top contributors and motivating everyone to strive to be up this wall! :)

Learning about the products
I really liked this pen!! It had purple ink plus 0.7 nib, made my handwriting pretty. Of course I returned it!! All I have now is a photo *sobs*

Mary Kay diagnosed our skin type just from a simple questionnaire (called the Smiling Skin Quiz). I used to have Dry skin in secondary school but I suppose adulthood has made my skin Normal now!

Reminds me of uni all over again. Everyone hard at work!

Then my camera ran out of battery -_____- *smacks self*

Introducing, Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care!

Make your skin smile with all four products 3-in-1 Cleanse, Freshen, Hydrate and
Mask that perfectly complement each other to help bring out skin’s healthy radiance and leaving skin
feeling balanced. 3-in-1 Cleanse effectively cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step. A non-drying
Freshen formula gently removes excess residue from the skin. Hydrate quickly absorbs leaving skin
feeling balanced. A pampering Mask gently rids skin of impurities as it revitalizes skin. Personalized
skin care is a breeze with three formulas available with ingredients specifically tailored to each user’s skin
care needs, whether they have dry, normal or oily skin – even if it’s sensitive.

• It leaves skin feeling nourished
• It enhances skin’s natural beauty
• It leaves skin looking radiant
• It’s simple and easy to use
*Results reported during a one-week independent consumer

All Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care formulas contain these special botanical ingredients:

Silymarin, also known as Milk Thistle, is a powerful antioxidant that has been used to help defend against
environmental damage, while helping to calm the skin.

Luo Han Guo, a cousin of the cucumber and a member of the gourd family, is known to contain potent antioxidants, and also believed to help promote healthy skin.

Normal Skin range

Frangipani Flower Extract – This fragrant flower is an antioxidant known for its calming benefits and is
an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental stressors.

Water Lily Extract – This antioxidant is reported to be a source of minerals that are important for healthy skin.

The NEW Botanical Effects™ 3-in-1 Cleanse and Freshen retails at SGD34 each, while Hydrate and
Mask retail at SGD40 each. This breakthrough range of products are now available through your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

I haven't started using these products because I am currently on another regime! Once I'm off that I will post a proper review :)
Look at all the products Mary Kay gave us!! Make up range in another post :) 

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