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I've been meaning to do this for quite a while! All items brand new. Giving away a bunch of items and all you have to do is...

1) Like my Facebook page here
2) Share this blogpost onto your Facebook and tag Claire's Flair's page!
3) Comment here with the giveaway pack # that you want, with your facebook name and your email! Include anything extra if you want!

Winners will be contacted privately :) Oh, and you can choose more than one but you will only be awarded with one if you win! Will either mail the items to you or meet up at my convenience. Open to people living in Singapore only.

Pack #1

Fancl notepad and mild cleansing oil! The voucher has expired (just realised) so I'll replace it with a Forever 21 voucher above!

Pack #2

Dr Martens notebook with matching limited edition badge set! I like the front page design. Wanted to keep this but I really have too many notebooks at home. All unused.

Pack #3

A blank page notebook for your scribbles and drawings! I prefer blank books sometimes because I like doodling. Unfortunately my doodles aren't very nice so I keep them to myself. This Jan & Elly coloured pencils are soo cute, perfect for colouring your doodles with!

Pack #4
Eve's feminine wash and Mekhala Black Rice body lotion! For clean and smooth skin :)

Pack #5
Superpack! Thought of splitting this into two packs but... what the heck hahah.
Ecopure moisture mini-pack, masks, bio-essence bb cream, face shop cleansing foam and face shop pore minimizer. Completely free!!

Pack #6
Maquillage essence! Lipgloss in glamourous rouge.

Pack #7
Earphones! I've never used them so.. I can't attest to their quality. But heck they're FREE!

Choose wisely! You can write top choice, second choice, third choice . But up to 3! :P

Happy Mother's Day!
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