HTC Glasshouse Challenge and RA Show's Full Moon party!

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Was invited by HTC as one of the guest bloggers for the HTC Glasshouse Challenge held at Marina square!  There were contestants in a glasshouse, who had to eat, sleep and complete some challenges over a 3 day period. No bathing for 3 days?! I'm guessing the guys who had been through army would mind as much but for girls?! (Found out later that the contestants were 90 percent male). Anyway, I wouldn't have been able to complete that AT ALL so to everyone who made it through the end, respect!

When I reached Marina Square, I saw the living conditions. A bean bag!! That was it! Granted, bean bags are comfy (if you don't get a soft one) but woahh not being able to turn, had to be tough. Plus, there were food stains on some of the bean bags =\

Anyway, up til this point, I still didn't know how we would be involved in the challenge, so us bloggers started chatting amongst ourselves. Had NO IDEA what we were in store for, but I wore shorts and sandals just in case. Dresses and heels are not a good idea for challenges.

Super awesome zhnged mini-htc-cooper!
Kid trying to open it but it was locked ahahah.
I haven't even fiddled with the HTC One yet, sheesh. Good news is that I'll be getting it soon to review! During our briefing, we found out that we'll be split up, attached to the teams and help them take photos for specific categories. Jogging/running still didn't cross my mind at this point. We were to report back in an hour.
Checking out the force needed to wreck the HTC One! Forgot what the scale read. A few of us went to Kenny Rogers for lunch. An hour later, we reported back to the glasshouse... and were assigned our teams.

HELLO TEAM C! *waves*

We had to take photos of people who love... [insert category name here]. There was photography, fashion, sports, movies, and I can't remember the rest. I just posed and jogged. Hahah.

If I knew we were jogging I would've worn sports shoes and I would've been able to sprint -_- my sandals have crap friction.

Anyway congrats Calvin! His team came in first and Calvin won a HTC One X. Just like that!! 

After the event, the bloggers disappeared, I had some time to kill so I 'crashed' the dj booth. Where's Vernon?!?!

It's okay a cute guy took his place. JK. I do like Kendrick's watch though!! JLC Reverso.

Ta-dah! Vernon appears.
It was really cool how the entire dj setup allowed them to broadcast LIVE on radio, from Marina Square itself!

Some new faces for you here. Zurina and Paula! The eurasians look a little more caucasian right? Hahahh.
Thanks for photobombing! So we asked him to join us.

Yitch was being featured! (No idea how he got chosen. Did he bribe someone?!?! JK)
Lol @ Vernon looking at the screen instead of the camera.

I REALIZE I DON'T HAVE A PHOTO OF MY TEAM!!! Have to wait until the pictures from the official photographers are up. Darn!

Team C, if you're reading this, we didn't spend much time together (too short!) but you guys were enthusiastic and fun! And that's what matters, the process rather than the end result. The bowling ball was heavy x_x

The day was farr from over, I had dinner at Prive after that then headed to a Japanese event hosted by the RA Show!! It's a Full Moon event they have every month, open to anyone!

 Alan came and plopped Crystal and I to the nearest table which had space. Coincidentally, with a group of Japanese guys who were here in Singapore for training for a month!
 A non-blur picture

 Having a G1X makes you look at the screen instead.
 Crystal and Aki!

 They had a make up booth so of course I had to patronize :D

 She was okay with this picture so.. I guess I can put it up. BEFORE make up!
 The props.
 Magic bag.
 After! My eyebrows were a little brown. I've never done this before and it took a longer time for me to remove my make up!
 Crystal had her make up done too! :)
 With DJ Minami! Who spun for an hour that night!

 The table that actually ordered FOOD, every other table just had alcohol hahah.

 Alan, Teppei, Crystal and I.

 Starting to turn pink -_-

 Crazy fun, headed to filter afterwards. Filter just reopened after their revamp! It feels more cramped now though. And less dancing space. Anyway, Full Moon was held at En Dining and Grill which has FIFTY PERCENT off sushi and sashimi from sixpm to eightpm daily! Can't remember if weekends are included too. They also have after midnight supper special prices! At UE Square.

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