Flying with Scoot. Get out of here!

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Scoot treated a few of us bloggers up for a ride in the sky - at the Singapore Flyer! Seriously this was my FIRST time on the flyer and I was nervous but excited! (FYI, I am afraid of heights) Anyway, Scoot is Singapore's newest airline with their FIRST flight to Sydney on 4th June, available for booking from today! Scoot is actually a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines (100 percent owned) so you can trust the airline already :P

Just in time for Australia's winter. All you students who will have school holidays, inform your parents about Scoot while hinting that you're DYING to get away from the heat!! With prices starting from 158 SGD, you already have a higher bargaining power :P

They offer NO-FRILLS service on medium to long haul routes! Focusing on safety, reliability and punctuality. Initially fleet accomodates 402 seats with two cabin classes. Premium cabin with feature extra width and legroom of  32 seats!
With Kevin, while waiting for our carriage to arrive!
We had two full oscillations, the first for those of us who were ON TIME :P and the rest who were late. We played pictionary for the first spin, and the second was the presentation.

Scoot isn't a usual airline name! It's short and conveys spontaneity, movement, informality and... a touch of quirkiness! Like, "Eh let's scoot out of here!" 

Seemingly harmless, but had alcohol in it. Drinking on an empty stomach is never good, especially when you're up in the air.
With Darren who takes really nice pictures!
Guests will be empowered to customise their travel to suit personal preferences, picking only elements they want! Eg, meals, preferred seats and baggage are available for selection!

Scoot's CEO Campbell Wilson giving us a presentation... using a towel. An airline with a different attitude, peopl with a different attitude.. SCOOTITUDE! More on that later.
So one fine day, Campbell was given a USB drive and was told to have this airline up and running by 2012. YES everything you see has been completed IN A YEAR! Impressive!

I found that Scoot's market positioning was very clearly defined, with a focused strategy that was guaranteed to be successful. You see, they are fully utilizing social media. The way of the future, for sure.

As I was saying, SCOOTITUDE! It's a way of interaction. Being engaging, reliable, friendly and different!  As of now, flights are available for certain parts of Australia and China!

Tickets are available for booking at or through the call centre at 65 3158 3388 (Singapore)

Those who have previously signed up on Scoot's mailing list also enjoy advance access to EXCLUSIVE, LOWER fares prior to the public sale!! If I were you I'd register now for future benefits. Lol.

Here's a sneak peek of where Scoot is heading! Their geographic footprint is expected to grow steadily to encompass, India, Eurpoe and other markets at a later stage as the fleet expands and longer-range aircraft are inducted!

After the presentation, we proceeded to the food heritage trail for tons of local food! Seriously there was SO MUCH food on the table.

With Christine. I need more sleep zz.
I had sugar cane! Attempt at an arty shot.
Yes the table was huge.
Sat next to Campbell who was really friendly and answered all my curious questions.
Marina (direct left) wearing the Scoot's air stewardress uniform! Scoot's staff are REALLY engaging, they told us that if we have any marketing suggestions that are executable, they'll be more than willing to implement them!
Haven't linked Darren (direct left) yet! Darren's blog and Suhaimi doesn't have a blog so. We were given a stress ball each! (Scoot's logo!)
Demonstrating 'Scootitude!'
A normal picture with Campbell. Haha.
With Captain Yap on the right. He shared many interesting stories that night! Told us about his flying experiences, for example, there was a passenger on the plane who didn't put on his seatbelt when the seatbelt sign was on, so there was turbulence and the passenger hit his HEAD on the ceiling, then landed on the passenger BEHIND him. Insane right?? I swear I'm going to wear my seatbelt everytime the seatbelt sign is on. Your safety is at risk!

He also shared with us a story about how a bird smashed into the window when he was flying, causing a HOLE (and I'm guessing, the dead bird in the cockpit). They had to land immediately.
With Steven, luckily I noticed that the picture was blur so.. I took a self shot next!
I felt that this event was planned well, the Singapore Flyer was as an apt choice of location to hold this event. The dinner held at the food trail reinforces their target audience - the budget conscious (aka, students or young working adults). Will be sure to fly Scoot the next time I head to Australia!

Check out their Facebook page here!
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