Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Range!

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Elizabeth Arden really outdid herself. I am thoroughly impressed from start to end! Weekends are soo important to relax my soul from the crazy week's happenings. So when I received an invitation to be treated to a pampering facial and massage session at Lush Spa @ Singapore Polo Club, I jumped at the chance. Well, any girl would be crazy to turn down such an offer!

I chose the:

9.30AM slot: SIGNATURE BACK MASSAGE: long strokes and acupressure, invigorating and energizing

Perfect timing because I was still sleepy and could fall asleep on that warm bed.... more about the bed later.

Lush Spa @ Singapore Polo Club
80 Mount Pleasant Road Singapore 298334 (next to the Old Police Academy along Thomson Rd)

I cabbed down, but it's quite a distance from the nearest bus-stop... stilettos might not be a good idea but wedges, yes!

Ceramides Innovations – Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal skincare line. This new premiere skincare line has been launched in Singapore! More on it later ;)

Found the place because of its striking red door!
Ushered in where I sat on a sofa for all of 10 secs before I started snapping around hahah.

They prepared healthy breakfast for us! Since I was gonna get a massage I decided to wait until after, instead. A little mistake because my stomach was GROWLING and making funny noises throughout!! The masseuse actually laughed at me :(

Waited for a bit as they got the room ready!

Woah make up for us to use once the massage and facial was over! How considerate! I went bare faced because I knew it was a facial, so this was great to play around with!

Ceramide range! Firming Facial Mask, Exfoliator and Toner! Elizabeth Arden developed this new line of youth-restoring skincare targeted at the specific needs and concerns of women in their fifties! (Also suitable for ladies in their 20s, just that you can apply a thinner layer and not that often!)

More products that were subsequently layered on!

Clinically proven to intensely hydrate, soothe and fortify the skin!

The room!! The marvellous bed is heated!! Perfect for little me who was freezing.

Fascinated by the make-up.

Here I am wearing a shower cap so that my hair doesn't become oily from the massage oils!

Started off with washing my feet. Flowers for decorational purpose imho. I don't think my feet smelt of flowers after.

Scrubs are ticklish >_>

Using the cleanser. Shiokkk.
Excited and happy face!
"What's going to happen next?"

"Okay I'm just going to relax and enjoy this."

Massage begins!

LOVED the head massages. My masseuse kept emphasizing on my scalp which was superrrrrr comfortable.

A very happy customer.

Could hear the birds from outside. Or were they from the soundtrack that was playing?! I was drifting in and out of sleep.

Impressed again by their decorations and transformations!

My Masseuse!

Ceramides comprise of FIFTY PERCENT of the essential lipids found in the skin's barrier layer and are critical as they help maintain healthy looking skin!

Loss of ceramides lead to loss of moisture, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles and also allow outside irritants to get into the skin!

So if the body loses its ability to supply ceramides, your skin loses its texture and resilience.

Tiphanie! Yay!

Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Regeneration Eye Cream
 This intensely moisturizing eye cream regenerates your eyes so dark circles look diminished while lines and crow's feet are minimized! Appearance of puffiness is reduced, giving your eyes a firmer, lifted look.

Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Activation Cream SPF 30!
Renews, protects, moisturizes and nourishes!! Amazing cream that supports cell metabolism and protein generation while protecting from sun damage. It also improves the appearance of age spots, discolourations and overall radiance using Elizabeth Arden's patented retinyl complex while fortifying thin, fragile skin.

Ceramide Moisture and Renewal Overnight Regeneration Cream

This night cream works while you sleep to revitalize your dry skin all night long! Where else can you find a cream that supports the skin's natural processes during your sleep cycle, provides intense hydration overnight and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

Thank you for sharing such reveolutionary procuts with me Elizabeth Arden! :)

Looking for a (belated) Mother's Day present? Or why not just get your mum a present because she's so amazing? :)
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