You have to do something crazy once in a while.Halloween 2011.

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Be prepared for some strange photos. And thick make up.
If this photo doesn't freak you out, then continue reading ahahha!

 This was for Halloween last year. I know, I know. It's super late. I actually forgot to upload these LOL. Had to eat only a muffin for dinner because we were late for...Comedy Night!
Waiting for it to begin.
Had my hair up in a bun to complete the whole 'maid' look.
See the red splotches?? This has a really funny story to it. I was painting my nails that afternoon and i dropped the bottom on my lap. Coincidentally it was red so I left it there. I think it's stained forever.
The end of the comedy night! It was really funny. Kumar was one of the comedians too.
FULL HOUSE!! (except for some missing seats here and there) the event was sold out!

Trying to be a maid?? lol.
Headed to Clake Quay for some pre drinks.

Can't believe he almost did a split.
See, cannot do it already. Hahah!
I look secretly happy that I'm getting killed.
KFC Colonel and Wendy's girl! haha!
I chose a gun for a prop so that I could shoot ghosts that were coming to 'kill' me. It worked. Hahah was fun just walking around shooting ghosts and strangers and they'd "react"
You, die.
Trying out different visual effects!

Thanks for reading! :P
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