Sunday Brunch at Garibaldi!

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Today I am going to tempt you. With food.After a week of hard work, weekends are for relaxing and splurging, right? Garibaldi has a $58++ Sunday brunch menu that's DELICIOUS. Don't be scared off by the price, there's TONS of food! Starters, appetizers, main courses, desserts! I say it in plural because you get more than one of everything!! Really value for money, especially since they use PREMIUM quality ingredients, so the food is fresh and tantalizing!

Looking at these pictures make me want a G1x NOW. My IXUS isn't very good in low lights.. Without flash.

The setting of the table!
 We had a vegetarian guest at our table, so his food was prepared specially by the chef! :) His appetizers.
 Our salmon with caviar. Couldn't get enough of this!!
 Salad is a MUST!! We had chicken salad with cherry tomatoes. I must comment that their tomatoes are SWEET!! I was expecting a sour taste but when I took a bite, I was pleasantly surprised :)
 Veal!!! I can't put my finger on the sauce but it blended perfectly with the veal. Was happily helping myself to seconds of this!! :)
 The freshest oysters I have EVER tasted. It just oozes in your mouth, bursting with flavour!!! Seriously worth going back JUST for this dish.
 Eggs and vegetables! The eggs were quail eggs and were yummy (as all eggs are) but the vegetables were a little too sweet for my tastes. Good if you have a sweet tooth and it's a very unique way of cooking!
 Our spread
 Was so full seriously. But this is only appetizers remember?

 I need a DSLR zzz.

 I decorated my slice of salmon just for this shot. Hahahah. And then the pasta was served. Still not main course btw!
 Cheese base! The cheese wasn't too overwhelming so I didn't get sick of this! (I normally get sick of cream based pasta if it's too creamy)
 Tomato based! Penne!! <3
 "We are getting full" faces.

Going to take this opportunity to praise the STAFF.  Great service, very polite staff, and a few of them are Italian and very friendly!

 Pesto sauce! I first had pesto based pasta in Italy, I think I blogged about it if you search my italy posts on the right sidebar!
 Finally, the main courses! Fish and potatoes.
 Beef and some vegetables! So tender *drools*

 Don't forget about dessert! Each of us took one, I took the strawberry cookie, second from the right of this picture. I liked how the crust was soft and easy to chew :) Don't like hard crusts!!
 Have I made you hungry already? We were there to lean about table etiquette and table conversations! Very informative. It wasn't just your basic "use your utensils from outside in" but more of "what to do when you want to remove food from your mouth" and "how to start conversations" and how the guys have to serve the ladies food etc. I hope I managed to pass the test!! And no sharing of food is ever allowed so... I have to remember that the next time I'm in a fine dining restaurant because I always like to try a little of everything ._.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant
36 Purvis Street #01-02
Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6837 1468
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