Maybelline goes to Covelli!

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 It was my first time here at this newly launched restaurant! Maybelline decided to hold a catwalk and showcase the launch of their NEW products! Which I will share in a bit :) I was also flu-y that day, so that explains the lackluster of smiles/emotions etc.
 Sarah dear!! Always see her looking IMMACULATE with PERFECT make up. I kid you not.

 First product, the B.B White! (BB cream!) For the guy's it's a type of foundation. Haha.
 The turnout was HUGE! So many people were there! Listening to an introduction about the products :)

 The other two products are, the mascara and the new blusher :)
Bring on the catwalk! Love Bonito outfits!! Love them!
Also, see if you can notice something about all the models that day!
 Apart from all of them being pretty lol.

 Guess who?
 Gorgeous shine <3

 Figured it out? All the girls have one eye WITH MAKEUP and the other eye, WITHOUT! Look at the huge difference!! This is why girls look better with make up ahhaha.
 Group shots with the lovely ladies I met that day! :)

 Our soup! Sarah's came with a smiley face haha it was really cute.
 I was sneezing like mad. x_x

 The chicken! I wasn't impressed by the size, it could have been bigger! With potatoes at the side so that it would be more filling!
 The artist who designed the board on the left for Maybelline! And here comes the models for their second round of catwalk!
 Of course my shots are biased towards shine hahah.
 Yes they now have make up on the other eye too!
 I really liked this top! Love Bonito designs are really nice!

 Dessert. The cake was really sweet IMHO. Good for those who love really really sweet cakes!
 With Hayley! Jayley disappeared so fast after the event. I think the overexposed shot makes me look healthier. You can't even tell that I'm sick in this picture. Hahah.

 Friends I haven't seen in FOREVER. Mel, from my secondary school and Fawn, from my uni! Oh yes, during the event there was a lucky draw. Everyone who attended had dropped their name card or contact details into a fish bowl and several lucky winners would walk away with a Love Bonito outfit OF THEIR CHOICE!!

I was commenting to Rosanne that I had never won lucky draws before (not so lucky), those types that are live and you see someone drawing it from a fishbowl type, and my name was called!!

Guess the record has been broken!! Woo!
 Here's a photo with all the winners with our outfits we chose!! I love my red dress because 1) IT's red 2) it's a toga 3) it's classy!

 A while later, the models came out and Shine introduced me to them :)
Pretty right! Models for you! Hahah. (except the one on the left who is posing WITH models)

Will post details of the new products soon! :)
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