It's my turn... to prove what type of Singaporean I am!

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Recently heard about this website
They have a quiz for you to find out what type of Singaporean you are! I love doing quizzes (plus it's free!) so of course I did one to find out my score!

I'm born and raised in Singapore so I am a proud Singaporean! I started the quiz feeling very confident about myself, very certain that I would get a badge that would prove my true blue Singaporean culture!
 Bad quality version of 'Home'. Not the best singing either lol. I can listen to it and laugh at my crappy parts. Be kind ok! I sang it a long time ago.
If I win I will sing a better rendition!!
The test asks you 10 questions based on...
- How you speak
- Your favourite Singlish phrase
- Food

and more! Plus it will only take 10 mins to finish! (unless you are multi-tasking or not concentrating)

'Complain among my friends' Singaporean
What does that mean? Until I read the little boxes on each corner.

"Gugu Gaga" - Having to change my routine.
This was one of the options I chose in the quiz! Having kids is like changing a routine for me, but it's a good thing because then you get to experience a new kind of love. :)

 The kids. Lol. I kid.

"Just say it!" - There's nothing wrong in having an opinion, you know?
Very true! Hahaha can't argue with that. As long as you don't force everyone to take YOUR opinion. Every one is entitled to theirs!

 If I say this is cute, IT IS! To me :P

"Ultimate Foodie!" - If you could you'll work for Makansutra
YES. Can I just retire now and just go around tasting food? That's the life.

"Look on the Bright Side" - Why complain? Be happy it's here
I don't know what the "it's" is referring to, I hope it's about Singapore? Or about the food on the table? Haha. Actually I do complain, and this does contradict a little with "Just say it!". But I don't complain a whole lot, and take life as it comes :) Why be so uptight about everything? Relax and let nature run its course.

Your turn! Take the quiz and feel free to paste your blog address or your results in a comment here! :) I want to know your answers! Have a great week ahead! :)
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