Usher in the Dragon Year! Me and Singing.

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With all the blogs sprouting up, it's becoming more and more difficult to decide which blogs to read right? Since blogs are all about being personal and unique I shall share more things about myself.

I learnt piano when I was really young but I stopped after a while because I... don't remember. But what I do remember is that the teacher kept hitting my hands with a ruler and giving me kit kat everytime I placed my fingers right. I think I stopped because I the percentage that I got hit was many times more than receiving kitkats. Hahah.

And so I am officially grade-less, never sat for a piano exam, and have been regretting ever since. I have a piano at home and I play it occasionally, when I just want to hear my emotions being played (yes there is a difference), whether it's anger or sadness. When I'm happy I rarely play the piano. I... sing.

Which brings me to the next part! Singing. I was in the school choir in secondary school. Considered joining choir in college but I think I didn't go for the auditions. (After first 3 months, I went for the audition in my first college during first 3 months and got in, but never joined). Our choir participated in international competitions in Sydney and Hawaii. Through these trips I found my love for travelling too!

I've always wanted to train up my vocal techniques but didn't have the $ to. Last year, I saw that Yamaha had some $5 singing trial lesson so I decided to go for it. And the teacher was so nice! But still unaffordable.  Setting myself back $300 a month??? Considering property prices, I think I can just have a quiet wedding at a church or something, at this rate.

So... I started uploading SOME songs onto YouTube. But they aren't perfect or extremely good but at least I can listen to it and hear my crappy bits. And receive comments from others too!

And now I borrowed Jordan's microphone in the hope of recording more songs! When I was using a MacbookPro, using garageband was pretty easy to edit and add effects! But now I am back to a Windows, been less motivated. All I have is Audacity.

Since singing makes me happy I shall strive to make more videos in 2012!! :) And that's my new year's wish.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! It's the year of the dragon, the most powerful creature in the entire zodiac! And for references, I'm born in the year of the Snake. Ok now I can't hide my age anymore.

 So cute!! Saw this online :)

Don't forget to stay up as late as you can so that your parents can live long and prosper! #superstition
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