HTC Dirty Beats at Zouk!

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Was invited to this party by HTC the other day and it was a night of fun! Full house and everyone was soo into the music, I haven't seen partygoers so psyched before! The queue was crazy long when I arrived at like 11.30pm? HTC had a booth promoting their XE and XL too!Love the beats hanging out.

 Took two photos so you can see the lighting differences hahaha.

 Invited Cheryl!
 We spotted a UV painting booth!! The lady was happily drawing all over our backs and arms!
 GLOWS. Pretty awesome. She has really good artsy skills! (Unlike me)

 My arm!
 Cheryl's arm!
 If you've been to Zouk before, you'd know where this photo was taken haha.

 Trouse brothers!!! Waiting for the act!

 When the act started the crowd went WILD. Wanted to take a photo but it was soo crowded and people were spilling drinks everywhere (my feet and legs were victims) so I didn't want to risk my camera getting wet! But had an amazing fun night!
 Bumped into Hayley and Jayley!
I'm using the Sensation XE right now and listening to music on it is awesome (+my Dr Dre beats)
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