Sights around Singapore!

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 So as you know I've been working, and I take Friday nights VERY seriously. I try to go out, have a drink or two, walk around, savouring the sights and sounds of a not so busy Singapore. That's why I try to avoid crowds and shopping on weekends.
 So I walked around Mohammed Sultan road for these pictures! :)
 I hope everyone had a great weekend and you have something planned for New Years!! I already have one item on my resolutions list - To be more patient. I really think I need to improve that. I feel like time is so precious and that I should be doing something productive all the time! Sigh.
 Hope you liked these photos I took :) I kind of like how they came out so I wanted to share them.
 Love the weather right now, it's breezy and cooling! Should stay like this all year round.
Hope that you guys can vote for me here for the Jean Yip Supershine Contest!! :) I didn't know I was in it until today ahaha.

Here's a photo to bribe you into voting? Pretty please? :)

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