Christmas 2011!

11:21 AM claire 0 Comments

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! It's been a tiring 3 weeks of work so I apologise for the lack of updates! May this Christmas season bring you joy, happiness, love and warmth!!

Miracles may just happen this Christmas (eg, for a friend her ex called her and they started talking) or that cousin that always says nasty things to you decided to be nice for once, or you get surprises under the Christmas tree!

If your family doesn't celebrate it, you could start the whole tradition up this year! Give without expecting to receive and watch your family's faces light up when they see your present that you took so much effort to pick for them :)

I received a philosophical book that I'm wondering HOW I'm going to start reading it (totally not my thing) but since Christine thinks it shall help in my worldly learning, I will attempt it soon hahah.

Felt like I was in Bali this Christmas, went to Shu's house and wish I swam! Perhaps next time. Heehee. Had a great time nonetheless and SOO touched Michelle came all the way down just to pass me a gift! Here's to friendship! Wooohooo!
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