Cinque Terre... Floods.

10:46 PM claire 2 Comments

Just read about the news here.

":The worst affected region was Liguria, with at least two of the five World Heritage-listed 'Cinque Terre' coastal villages cut off as a result of roads being washed away.
The walking trails and picturesque fishing villages of the Cinque Terre attract hundreds of thousands of international tourists, but two of them – Vernazza and Monterosso – were severely affected as rivers of mud poured down from the hills behind them.
The mayor of Monterosso said the fishing village had all but been wiped out.
"Monterosso no longer exists," Angelo Betta told an Italian news agency.
Huge amounts of mud had swept through the tiny settlement, causing an "unimaginable disaster".

The photo on the top of my blog was taken in CINQUE TERRE itself. It's GORGEOUS I have been gushing about it for the longest time. And it's flooding terribly now. (go to the website to check out the video).

Hope the authorities manage to clear it up soon. It's just next to the sea... 
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