In my memories - Won Keun.

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Yesterday, as I was surfing around Facebook, I noticed that my friend, Won-keun's wall had a lot of people posting things like "Rest in Peace Bro"and "I will miss you"etc etc. 

I freaked out and asked all my friends who knew him. Most of them were exchange students so they were in America or Europe so the time difference was killing my curiousity.

Another friend from Korea replied soonish later and told me the news. He lives on the 6th floor and constantly likes to climb to the rooftop to look at the sky and the view. And while climbing, he fell.

"We buried him under the most beautiful and strongest pine tree just like him.
You can come see him anytime, and we'r willing to give all hands if u want to visit korea for Won-keun. "

My friend Kelv just posted this up on his facebook wall:

"‎'my life keeps taking random turn as always ever since i came to korea. just recently i worked in the fashion industry helping a brand/store launch but it was project-based. now i plan on taking my time to do some stuffs in music and perhaps video work. until i fully switch to making my money with creative work/art work i will keep having random income streams. i already knew i was not going to do any business and after working for some companies i know i want to be more of a freelancer. so day in day out, i try to survive on my savings and self-study. but i still party quite a bit and enjoy life.'' Won-Keun Cho - 30 August 2011"

He had no intention of ending his life at all. It's so tragic. I am really glad I could meet him during my last trip to Korea. 

(this was taken in SG tho, I can't find my korea pictures right now)

It's really saddening, you never know when God decides to take it away from you;

Treasure everyone okay?

As for me, I'm going to create more happy memories with the people I love.
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