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No I'm not going to talk about Rebecca Black's Friday or whatever. But i'm going to talk about my shitty day yesterday and how it became better after Erdinger.

Had to be at River Valley between 8.30-9am, was aiming to reach at 8.30am, but due to traffic jam and all I reached at 9. Ok fine.

Then at work I screwed up some email, I really wonder why I'm being so careless. Is it because my pressure is too high and I end up doing stupid mistakes? Well luckily the damage wasn't very huge because the client didn't seem to mind, but it was my fault nonetheless. Was feeling down and lousy.

Headed off to an event, where I was just helping and doing signing in at the door. Cheered up a little bit but at the end I got a little down again.

Had to make a phone interview at 4pm, but tuition was 4.30pm. So I had to find a quiet place to sit down near my tuition kid's place. Couldn't find a table so I had to sit on a BENCH. I was so annoyed! Had to type everything and talk on the phone while the laptop was on my lap o_o. Guess that's why they call it a LAP top. Hurhur #jokefail

Tuition went fine, I was so hungry because I barely ate lunch, luckily the mum gave me a slice of pizza and made milo for me. Cheered up a lil.

Had to go home to put down my stuff before heading out for the night, and I had the worst train and bus luck. Missed the train, the next train didn't go to the stop that I wanted to go (terminated) so I had to wait for the next train, and I missed the bus etc etc. Oh and it looked like it was going to rain!

Finally met my friends, about 20 minutes late? Because of all the delays, luckily we got a friend to queue up earlier so we could just walk in. He waited like 45 minutes? Woops.

After some Erdinger and catching up and some Heinekan,  (and turning pink -.-) and some good music, and a fake birthday, the night looked better!

Then we decided to join the others at swisshotel so went there to htht and play more 5-10. Was a little high at this point.

Night became awesome.
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