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Mooncake Festival on the 12th of September is coming! I am so excited because I really love eating mooncakes. My favourite is the snow skin ice cream range!

But, I would like to find THE BEST DEAL for these mooncakes. Whether there are any discounts or special privileges etc! 

And finally, the creators of Notikum have found a solution to many of our problems.

Want to go to a restaurant to eat but don't know which one? Want to know what discounts your credit cards can bring? Lazy to bring that credit card brochure around?

Allows you to find the best credit card promotions near you.

You can access it on the web at OR download it onto your iPhone or Android application right now! Yes it's available already! So, your iPad, android tablet etc will be able to download and use it too!

You can input as many credit cards as you want and you can specify a location and item (eg, restaurant, fashion, etc) and they will find all the information for you as long as you are connected to the internet!

Some of you might be wondering, what is notikum?? No-ti-koom? 

The correct pronounciation is No-tikam! Tikam actually means picking by chance in Malay, so it means, no more picking by chance!

One of the owners, Lennon. He's really friendly and passionate about Notikum! :)

By having control as a customer, wouldn't that lead to more satisfaction for yourself too?

If you have switched on location services on your phone, it can search for deals NEAR YOU!

With Notikum, you do not have to spend excessive effort or time trawling through most deals and offers found on websites, brochures, newspapers or other medium of communication.

Plus, if you sign up with them, you get access to ALL the credit card searches, FOR FREE! (otherwise they will be limited!)

You can sign in with your facebook or twitter account, which saves you some trouble as well!

So the app is free and the sign up is free, can it get any better than this??

They don't ask for personal credit card information (eg credit card number) so there is no need to worry about security issues. All they need is the name of the credit card! (eg POSB Everyday Card)

Notikum will SEARCH FOR THE BEST DEALS for you and present you with relevant search results. 

No longer will you have to deal with randomness in your purchasing decisions anymore.

So, for all those who are crazy over mooncakes just like me, use Notikum to look for credit card offers and discounts! Tell your family and your friends about it so they can save money too! I know where I'm going. ;)

(product is still in it's beta stage but comments are welcomed by the owners, just leave a feedback on their website!)


Alright to motivate you, here are pictures from the Notikum event that a few other bloggers and I were invited to! It was held at CHIJMES! Love that place :)

Thank you Notikum! :)
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