Graduated from university!

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So I've finally graduated! 

All the years of studying, for this day!

Going to spam you with pictures :) Won't put up pictures of my family because they are camera shy!

Leonard and Chuwen, First year classmates!

Amanda! From our ij days!

Crystal! xoxo

Jordan! :D

Zheying! First year classmate! 

Shine! Third year classmate! 

Tze min! Second year classmate!

Yongkai! How did I know him ah? Hmm.. Loretta's dance friend :)

Rachel & Crystal :D

The gang! Shi Jie, Crystal, Cherlyn and Rachel! 

My only photo of them though Wei Liang's eyes are closed! :(
Jun Xiang, Andy, Anthony and Wei Liang! Tax friends!

Super wanna-be

If I were the valedictorian I would have a picture that would look something like this. Haha!

Another photo! This time with Shi Wei!
Chee Han came to school just to congratulate us! So touched :)

Super zai Edmund!! My auditing groupmate heading to Taiwan tomorrow˜

John Teo! First year classmate!

Joseph Pok! Second year classmate!

Gareth! :)

Last picture! 

I am really glad everything is over. Studying was really hard, but I know working life is harder! I will miss bumping into friends in the corridor, freezing in seminars, writing notes during class, having lunch in school, going for JAC events. It was really really fun! 

Feels like another chapter of my life has started :)

Look forward to this day! And remember to jot it down somewhere so that you can read it again in future!
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