Near the Vatican!

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Have you seen this castle before? I just googled because I forgot the name and it's called 

Castel Sant' Angelo

This Fortress was built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian (AD130-139), but it has also been a prison and a papal residence. It was used by former Popes who absconded there for protection in times of danger. There has been a covered passageway which still connects Castel Sant'Angelo to the Vatican.

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You get to go to the top and see a bird's eye view of the surrounding areas. Truly beautiful! And it's pretty hard to walk around a castle with all that stone on the floor. I tripped a few times and I was wearing shoes!

Taken before we went into the castle.

Of course admission is not free but it's soo beautiful!

From the view above.

I just love Rome architecture.

and this is my prized shot! see the rays? That's the Vatican. God's watching over us all :)
Always liked going to castles because you get to see how they prepare for a war. :) Only started liking castles after Lord of the Rings so thanks to that :)

Drinking water again!

This is one of the squares the locals hang out at! It was evening and there was lots to see!

Performances and all!

Next post will be up tomorrow on the Trevi Fountain! It's gorgeous!
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