Arrive in Rome!

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So we arrive in beautiful rome and we get cheated of our money on the first night. Great start.

The next day, after feeling a bit better from the prospect of claiming some money from insurance, we had quite a good breakfast which lifted my moods.

and i really felt happier!

swearing by lipstick now.

the architecture is just brilliant. wonder how many people and how long it took to build just ONE building. let alone one church. geez.

best thing about rome is that you don't have to spend money on clean water. sure you can't DRINK their TAP water but there are many fountains along the way and the locals are drinking from it. so we drank too.

the first basilica we entered. please note that you cannot wear sleeveless tops or shorts or berms or slippers to basilicas. no hats either. it's strictly rude and forbidden.

the outside

the inside.

every interior of every basilica is immaculately designed, carved and in marble. and always remember to look at the ceiling.

gorgeous right?

if you're catholic perhaps you'll appreciate this photo more :) it was also on the ceiling, at another part of the basilica.

 I am so amazed by the stained glass! I took quite a few stained glass shots, wondering if i should post them up here and bore you all.

this is the altar. how grand!!

he is facing a piece of the wooden cross that jesus was hung from.

the wooden cross is kept in here. can you see it?

if you'd like, say a quick prayer, now :)

say this vandalism which made me lol!

Beautiful right? :)

More blog posts about Rome soon! I haven't even shown you the Colosseum yet :P
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