Around the streets of Rome.e

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Did you guys know that Bata is like their Charles & Keith in Europe?

I also tried this burger in Macs because it was the cheapest haha. Turned out to be quite yums. Chicken is more expensive there (we guessed) because a Mcchicken is soo ex there.

Some night shots I took!

can't decide which is the nicest.

HEHE. This was my breakfast spread in Rome. Wasn't too bad, but as the trip progressed we were treated to ham and scrambled eggs so this was alright :D

And a quick shot of me filling water from a fountain. IT IS CLEAN.

IMO the water from the Vatican tastes better than the other parts of Rome :X

Psychological? Haha. Next post will be on the Vatican, I'm sure you guys will be excited to see how gorgeous it is!
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