Europe is a reality.

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Sorry I haven't blogged a proper post. I was so busy I was barely even online the past week!

If you've been reading my twitter, I actually give tuition 12 hours a week, and spend 14 hours a week in school. I spend about 1 and a half hours to get to school, so which means travelling time to school alone is 6 hours.

So yeah, I'm pretty busy and tired by the time I get home.

Have a quiz on monday, then an individual assignment due friday which I havent' touched, and I got into NBS Voice so have to do some rehearsals inbetween.


Good news!! My return flights to London have been booked!!! And we bought insurance as well.


So so so excited about it and it's a great thing to look forward to.

Goal in Paris: To try at least one macaroon from every macaroon cafe that I spot. Oh, and HEAD TO DISNEYLAND!!

Venice dream: To sit on a gondola. If it's too expensive, to take a picture of a gondola :)

Goal for UK: Watch a Broadway show.

Must do in Amsterdam: Visit Wong and Kelv!!

But there's still so much to do so let's hope all the planning pays off. And since none of us can speak Italian, we'd have to probably buy some guide book to bring along. Haha!

Did I mention that I'm learning Japanese this semester?? I'm learning Japanese but I'm heading to Europe. Sweet. :)
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